Why We Indians always give Rs 11, Rs 21, Rs 51, Rs 1101 as a Gift?

Why We Indians always give Rs 11, Rs 21, Rs 51, Rs 1101 as a Gift

India is a country of diversification and it is a probability that in any other country across the globe has this much of diversification. Different Religions, Different Beliefs, Different Cultures. There are few works and traditions which we are following for years and we don’t know the reason and logic behind them. Like, don’t use empty scissors it is a sign of Fighting at home. Like this, there is one tradition which we are following for years and that tradition is giving a One Rupee Card as a gift as a shagun. Means whether we give Rs 10, 50, 100,1000,10,000 we always give One Rupee with them and that One Rupee we give as a Shagun. 

Many Times we Heard in a marriage we don’t want anything just Give 1 Rupee as a shagun and Marriage is completed.  The main reason behind this concept is that we Indians believe that Starting anything from Zero is not Good so we Give One Rupee with it.

Reason Behind Giving One Rupee Extra in a gift

1– When we Gift Someone Rs 11, 101, 1101, 11001, etc. We don’t count that one rupee. Real Amount is considered as Rs 11, 100, 1100,11000 only. It is a belief that next time that person will definitely return you your one rupee and that one rupee is considered as a shagun and this cycle will be rotating like this only and your relationship also becomes stronger with this.

2-Dividing an Odd amount is not easy. For instance, You cannot Divide 101. it means that good wishes which you are giving will remain undivided. Older People also says that Bigger Amount gest easily spend but One Rupee cannot be easily spent and that one rupee will remain with you as a  Positive Wishes and blessings.


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