What Is RAC, PQWL, GNWL, WL, TQWL, Means In Railway

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Most of us travel by train if we want to go anywhere in India whether for a holiday, to meet relatives, attend weddings, etc. And each of us wants our journey to be comfortable. Hence, we book tickets on the train, and getting booked tickets on Indian trains is just like a blessing.

Sometimes we get confirmed sometimes not. If our ticket is not confirmed, then it has written some abbreviations like RAC, PQWL, RLWL, GNWL, etc. Have you ever thought about what the meaning of this abbreviation is? Here we will tell you about each abbreviation but before that let’s talk about how we can book train tickets.

How to Book Train Tickets

Train tickets can be booked 120 days before the journey date. Tickets can be booked via Ticket booking counter on Railway stations, Authorized Ticket Agents, and by self i.e., IRCTC.
Waiting in the queue and booking a ticket is now an old day thing. Now, most of us prefer to book tickets from the online railway ticket booking platform IRCTC. As booking tickets through IRCTC is easy and we don’t have to wait in queue for a long time. Just login with your User ID and password.

Enter your source and destination address—the name of the traveler (Maximum 5 traveler can be added in one ticket). And pay the amount, and your ticket is booked. You will receive a 10 digit unique PNR Number, which has all the details in it regarding your ticket. It also shows the status of your ticket.

whether it is booked or in waiting, and if by chance comes on your ticket, you pray that your waiting clears. Your ticket gets confirmed because online waiting tickets canceled automatically after the chart preparations.

Now let’s discuss what waiting quotas you have if your ticket is not confirmed.

Difference between gnwl and wl

1- Waitlisted (WL).

This type of booking status has more chance of getting confirmed. If your ticket is showing WL followed by a number it then it means your ticket will only get confirmed if traveler who has booked the ticket before you for the journey cancel their ticket.

For instance, if your ticket shows GNWL25/WL6, it means you have six waiting, and 19 persons before you have canceled their tickets as these types of tickets are made from the station or a nearby station to the source station.

If your waiting ticket shows GNWL\Available after some days, it means your ticket gets confirmed and traveler before you have canceled their ticket. If your reservation ticket which you have booked online means through IRCTC does not get confirmed after chart preparation, the ticket gets canceled.

If any traveler whose name is in the list

Waitlisted Listed ticket can be of the following type –

1- GNWL – GNWL stands for General Waiting List. This type of waiting list is very common. It is issued when a traveler books their ticket from the Source Station or the station nearby to the source station. GNWL is having the highest probability of getting a confirmed ticket.

rlwl means in railway

2- RLWL – RLWL stands for the Remote Location Waiting List(RAC). This type of waiting list is for stations between source and destination. This type of ticket is for in-between stations, so it has less chance of confirmation. Charts for this type of ticket are prepared for 2-3 before the actual departure of the train. If your ticket is in RLWL after chart preparation and you have booked it online, then it will automatically get canceled, and a refund will be initiated in your account in 3-7 working days.

pqwl means In railway

3- PQWL – PQWL Stands for Pooled Quota Waiting List. This type of waiting list is allocated for those travelers who booked their tickets from the source station or the intermediate station but terminated the journey at some intermediate station before the destination station. Only One Pooled Quota is for the entire route of the train, which is shared by small en route stations. So it has very little chance of confirmation.

4- RLGN – RLGN stands for the Remote Location General Waiting List. After the traveler booked its ticket under RLWL, it is given the name RLGN.

5- RSWL – RSWL Stands for Roadside Station Waiting List. This type of waiting list is allotted when seats/berths are booked for roadside stations. From source stations. Since these are roadside stations and not important stations, so chances of this type of waiting list to confirm are very less. In this case, distance restrictions do not apply while booking.

6- RQWL – RQWL Stands for Request Waiting List. This type of waiting list is allocated when a ticket is booked from one intermediate station to another intermediate station. Seat booked under this quota will confirm only if another traveler who books tickets from the source station to that intermediate station canceled its ticket.

7- TQWL – TQWL Stands for Tatkal Waiting List. Ticket under this waiting list is booked when Tickets Booked under Tatkal Scheme exhausted. If other travelers who booked it’s under the tatkal scheme canceled their ticket, then seats under this TQWL quota will automatically get confirmed. During Chart preparation, GNWL is given preference over TQWL.

RAC full form in railway

Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) While booking tickets, if a traveler gets a ticket under RAC, then the chance of getting its ticket to confirm is more than any other quota. After the preparation of the chart, if the booked ticket is in RAC, then the ticket is not canceled, and the traveler can board the train, and the traveler will get a half berth.

It means two RAC ticket travelers will get a single lower berth. Tickets under RAC will have a symbol R followed by coach and seat number. For example, if after chart preparation RS2 21, it means Coach is S2, and the berth number is 21.

TTE is bounded to allot berths to RAC travelers, which gets vacant after chart preparation. RAC is not a quota, but sometimes we say it RAC Quota.

If you booked your ticket, you could check your ticket status from here

Ticket Booking Status

Railways Resume operation from 12 May 2020 on 15 routes.

The government announces to resumes the train operations from 12 May 2020 after 50 days of lockdown. Only AC coaches will be there in Trains and fare will be Rajdhani Trains. Trains will be running on 15 Routes.

Booking will start from 4 P.M. 11 May 2020. Reservations will be done through IRCTC only no counter ticket will be done. Only Confirmed tickets travelers will be allowed to enter the stations. Social distancing norms to be followed.

Name of Indian Railway shortenings you should know

  1. General Waiting List (GNWL)
  2. Tatkal Waiting List Tickets (TQWL)
  3. Remote Location Waiting list (RLWL)
  4. Pooled Quota Waiting List (PQWL)
  5. RQWL Stands for Request Waiting List (RQWL)

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