What is the NRC Difference between the CAB And NRC bill 2019?

what is NRC Difference between CAB And NRC bill 2019

Once that the Citizenship Amendment Bill has been passed both houses of Parliament and awarded Congressional assent rendering it legislation, loudly murmurs commenced about the next movement – a National Register of both Citizens or even NRC. Therefore what’s exactly is your NRC?

Many protests are going in the northern part of the country after the bill presentation of a national register of citizens AND CAB BIll citizenship act 1955 IN PARLIAMENT. But do the protesters know what is in NRC and CAB Bill because in media they are showing people doesn’t know the meaning of NRC AND CAB they are just opposing it because it is presented by ruling NDA government, so they are opposing it?

IN ASSAM we can understand the protests of people because it will open the door for other people also to live in ASSAM but what about the different parts of the country why they are opposing.
So first let us understand what is NRC AND CAB.

What is NRC & Who is a citizen of India?

It stands for the National Register of Citizens. It is proposed to remove illegal immigrants from India. It means the immigrants who don’t have any valid proof of living in India like Aadhar Card, PAN Card Voter; I’d Card Bank Account, Ration Card, Passport if you have any of the ones you are the citizen of India and you don’t need to worry.

Basically, it is for those people who came to India as an immigrant when War happens between India and Pakistan, and the new nation came into existence, and we call that nation Bangladesh. So to remove the Bangladeshi immigrants from India, this NRC bill came into existence.

What is NRC in India

To make yourself in NRC, a person has to prove that there ancestors or himself living in India before the War, I.e., 24 March 1971 NRC has nothing to do with religion. Recently NRC Happens in Assam where immigrants from Bangladesh have been moved out. So if you have valid identity documents with you you don’t need to worry you will be in NRC.

What Is CAB

IT Stands for Citizen Amendment Bill. It will provide Indian citizenship to religious minorities people of neighboring countries of India like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan.

Religious minorities people are those people which are in less number in that country Like in above three countries major religion is Muslim, and minorities are Non-Muslim communities like Hindu Sikh Christan Persian So these religious minorities citizen will get Indian citizenship, But the condition is that if they are living in India from last six years, I.e., on or before 31 December 2014.

Earlier for taking citizenship of India, one has to live in India for 11 years Now this limit has been reduced to 6 years.

So make comments and tell your views regarding the Citizenship Amendment Bill And National register of citizens.

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