What is apricot in Hindi And Benefits of Apricots

What is apricot in Hindi

Apricot is a full seed fruit. We call apricot in Hindi as khubani. Very Fewer people know about this fruit, But this fruit apricot is very nutritious and good for health. It can be used as a dry fruit when dried.

Apricot tree is smaller in size, usually 8-9 m tall (26-39 Feet) and trunk having a 20 cm radius. It has a dense, spreading canopy. This fruit Is mainly Founded In India and Pakistan, .but there is a question regarding the origin of this fruit. In the ancient history origin of apricot is found to be Armonia.

The taste of apricot is sweet and sour. It has all the nutrients which are essential for the human body. In a hundred grams of apricot, it supples 48 calories and has 11% of carbohydrates. It has 1 % of protein, fat less than 1 %, and water is 86%. It is a moderate source of vitamin A and vitamin C

Apricot is rich in different phytochemicals such as provitamin A beta carotene and polyphenols, which include sucrose glucose organic acids terpenes lactones and aldehyde.

One Serving of 100 Gram of apricot has the following nutritional value.

Nutrient Value
Energy 48 Kcal
Protein 1.40 Gram
Total fat 0.39 Gram
Carbohydrate 11.12 Gram
Fiber 2.00 Gram
Sugar 9.24 Gram
Sucrose 5.87 Gram
Glucose 2.37 Gram
Water 86.35 Gram

are dried apricots good for you

Dry apricot is very nutritional for health. The process of making dry apricot is vey easy. For making dry apricot, we have to dry the khubani, and dry khubani is ready. Dry apricot is also known as dry khubani. There is a process in making dry apricot. In this process, without having any loss to apricot nutritions, the fruit is dried.

Dry apricot has calcium, potassium, phosphorus, Vitamin A, and vitamin C . a dry Apricot cup has 158 mg Vitamin A.Nutriton present in apricot helps in fighting with different diseases It is uring of benefits to those persons who are suffering from diabetes .if apricot becomes the part of your daily diet than it is beneficial for your eyes and also it is helpful in a disease like cancer. Apricot is also useful in curing digestion related problems. It is beneficial when taken an empty stomach in the morning or breakfast.

Benefits of Dry Apricot in hindi

1- Curing of anemia

Dry apricot is a good source of blood. It is beneficial in fighting against anemia. You can increase the level of hemoglobin by taking it in your daily food. It is also helpful for the women during pregnancy and even for the woman in their menstrual period who have excess blood flow.

2- Helps in fighting against cancer

Seeds of apricot have all the

nutrients available in fighting against cancer. It is also proved in research that Vitamin B-17, which helps in saving against disease, is found in the seed of an apricot. Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which increases our immunity, which helps in fighting against cancer cells, is found in apricot.

3- Increases EyeSight

Vitamin A present in Dry Apricot is essential for good eyesight. Vitamin A is also a powerful Antioxidant. Consumption of Dry Apricot is helpful against cataracts.

4- Helps In Skin Glowing

Juice of dry apricot helps in protection against sunburn and also in the treatment of maxima. It is also helpful in curing acne and another skin related disease. A Scrub of apricot is used for scrubbing. Oil of dry apricot is beneficial in the treatment of skin. It also glows your skin and also makes your skin soft.

5- Helps in improving digestion

Dry apricot is a good source of fiber. Due to Its Luxative nature, it is advised in taxation

Fibre Present in Apricot Helps in breaking the food. Juice of Apricot is also given in fever because it provides all the essential nutrients like Vitamin, Calories, And Water, Which is required for maintaining the water level in the body.

6- Beneficial in curing Heart And Liver Problems

Apricot has antioxidants such as Carotene and flavonoid in it, which helps in lowering down the cholesterol level in the body. Potassium level in the fruit makes electrolyte level balances in our collection, which help in curing heart problems.

7- Increase in metabolism

The level of fluids in the body depends mainly on two minerals potassium and sodium. Potassium is responsible for maintaining fluid balance in the body, and it also ensures that organs and muscles get proper energy.

8- Make Bones Stronger

Nutrients Such as Calcium, Phosphorus, manganese iron, and copper, which are essential for the growth and development of bones and also for the prevention of age-related bone problems such as arthritis, are available in apricot, so the intake of this food is beneficial in making bones stronger.

People who have asthma should not take apricot as it has Sulfites, which helps in an asthma attack. Seeds of apricot or kernel of apricot should not be eaten as it can cause cyanide poisoning in some people.

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