Visit these 9 Foreign Countries in Cheaper Price Than India , Value of Indian Currency is more in these countries

Everyone Likes to do traveling and to visit different countries of the world. But due to the Value of other country currency is more than our currency Most of us could not complete this dream of traveling to different countries. But there are few countries in which the value of Indian Currency is more than the currency of there country. There are 9 countries in the world whose value currency is lower than India. So let’s finds out about these countries where you can enjoy your trip in a lower budget.


If you are interested in technology and also want to see how people live in wooden houses then you can explore Japan in less amount. The value of 1 Indian Rupee in Japan is 1.45 Japanese Yen.

2- Nepal

If you have lesser time and also your budget is less then you must visit Nepal. Being the neighboring country of India You can easily reach Nepal and without a passport. Many Bus Services are running between India and Nepal. You can reach Nepal via Uttrakhnad’s Tanakpur. It is very convenient to go Via Tanakpur. The value of 1 Indian Rupee in Nepal is 1.60 Nepalese Rupee. Nepal is the Land Birth of Seeta Mata. There are many beautiful mountains, Temples, Maaths, etc. which attracts everyone. In Nepal, you can do shopping under your budget.


We Indians have an old relation with Srilanka. There are many beaches in Srilanka. Ella is one of the most beautiful places in Srilanka which everyone should visit Ella. Ella is rich in Biodiversity and it has different species of Flora and Fauna. The value of 1 Indian Rupee in Srilanka is 2.68 Srilankan Rupee. Many People say that Kerala Trip in India is expensive than Trip to Sri Lanka.

4- Hungary

Trip to Europe is Very Expensive because 1 euro is 87.98 Indian Rupee But there is one country Hungary which is cheaper than India. The Value of 1 Indian Rupee in Hungary is 4.08 Hungarian Forint. So if You want to travel to Europe at a cheaper price then you must visit Hungary. Many Indian Films gets shot in Hungary because of this only.

5-Costa Rica

For Nature Lovers Going to Costa Rica is just like a dream and they can fulfill there this dream in cheaper amount. This Place is so cheaper as compared to India that you don’t have to think before going to Costa Rica. The value of 1 Indian Rupee in Costa Rica is 8.42 Costa Rican Colon. In Costa Rica, you can easily fulfill your dream of traveling RainForest.


Mongolia is a dream destination for adventure-loving people. After Visiting Mongolia for once everyone becomes mad of there culture. Mongolia is so cheap that you can travel to Mongolia many times. Mongolia is a landlocked Country There is no sea in this country. It shares its borders with two major countries of the world Russia and China. The value of 1 Indian Rupee in Mongolia is 39.0382 Mongolian Tughrik. 


For traveling purpose Cambodia is cheap. In Cambodia, you can do many adventurous activities. In less amount, you can plan an amazing trip to Cambodia. The Value of 1 Indian Rupee in Cambodia is 56.07 Cambodian Riel.


For Long Trip Loving People, Indonesia is a must-visit place. Bali is the world-famous island of Indonesia. Due to the cheaper price, Many Indian Prefers To visit Bali on their honeymoon. The Value of 1 Indian Rupee in Indonesia is 192.68 Indonesian Rupiah. So if you are planning for your honeymoon than you should consider Bali as your honeymoon destination. As it will be cheaper and will create an impact on people if you say that you are going to a foreign country for honeymoon.


Vietnam is famous for its Beaches, Rivers, Buddhist pagodas. The majority of Indians Come to Vietnam for shopping as the value of 1 Indian Rupee in Vietnam is 317.05 Vietnamese dong. Vietnam is in the list of cheaper countries where people come and do shopping.


You can consider the above Countries as your Honeymoon Destination also. As Currency of these countries is lower than India. It will also create an impact if you say someone that you are planning to go to Foreign Country for Honeymoon.

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