Using Google Map while Driving Can Impose a penalty on you.

Mobile Phone Holder for CarIn Todays’ Era When everyone was busy and no one has the time People prefer to use the navigation to reach to there destination. This is the reason that the use of Google Map is increasing day by day. Even a less educated person is now using Google Map to reach to its destination. But if you are using  Google while Driving it can be very harmful to you and it can impose a penalty on you.

The penalty of Rs 5,000 can be imposed, Act in Motor Vehicle.

Generally while driving most of us opens Google Maps when we don’t know the way to our destination. If there is a Traffic jam on your Route you get to know about this before and you can choose the alternative way. While Driving a car Most of us don’t have a Mobile Phone Holder on our dashboard and we carry phones in our hands and use the navigation in our phone. This Carrying of the phone in our hands while driving can impose a penalty of Rs 5,000 on us.

Recently in Delhi, Traffic Police imposed a penalty of Rs 5,000 on a man. The car Driver asked the police that neither he was talking to anyone nor he broke any law. Delhi Police told that man that instead of using a Mobile Phone Holder he was carrying the phone in his hand and using Google Map Navigation. Carrying Mobile Phone in hands while driving is a punishable offence because doing this can divert your mind while driving. This comes under carelessness driving.

Use Mobile Phone Holder While Driving a Car or Riding a Bike

If you are using Google Map Navigation while driving a car or riding a bike you should use Mobile Phone Holder. Using Navigation with the help of Mobile Phone Holder is not a violation of traffic rules. Mobile Phone Holder for Bike Comes in Under Rs 200 and for Car, Mobile Phone Holder Comes Under Rs 2,000. So Fit Mobile phone Holder in your Car and Bike And save yourself from the penalty of Rs 5,000.




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