Unique Health ID Card: All your Medical Records will be in One Place

Unique Health ID Card: Indian Government is planning to Introduce Unique Health ID Card. This Health Card will be like Aadhaar Card. Your all Health History, Health Reports will be on this Card. If you go to another City/ Hospital for Treatment then you will not be required to take your Previous Reports. All Your Medical History will be there in this Unique Health Card.

National Digital Health Mission can be Launched by PM Modi in Septemeber 2021

PM Modi can Launch National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) this Month. Under this Mission, you will find all the information of Hospitals, Doctors, Labs, and Chemists. Currently, NHDM is Running in 6 Union Territories as a Pilot Project. It is Started in these Union Territories Last Year Only. These 6 Union Territories are Andaman and Nicobar, Chandigarh, Dadar and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, Ladakh and Lakshadweep. Making of Unique Health Cards have already been started in these Union Territories. Now this Scheme will be Launched PAN India.

How we can Make this Unique Health Card?

After The Announcement of the Launch of the Mission, You have to download NDHM Health Records Application from Play Store. After Installing you have to register yourself here and You will get a Unique 14 Digit Number

What is The benefits of Having a Unique Health Card?

This Unique Health Card will have all your Health Related Information in Digital Format. Your all Medical History will be Updated in this Health Card. If you goes to any Hospital for Treatmnet then you don’y need to take your previous Reports. They just enter your 14 Digit UInqiue Code and Your all Medical History will be shown there. This will help Doctors in your Treatmnet. And also it will save your money and Time as Your Previous Medical History can be found there.

How Previous Medical History will be Updated in this Unique Health Card?

After the card is generated, you will have to scan and upload all the previous reports yourself, but all the further reports will be uploaded automatically. For example when you are examined in a dispensary or hospital, these reports will be linked to the card through the 14 digit unique number entered in your unique ID card. NDHM personnel at the hospital will be there to assist you with this.

What Information will be there in the Card?

Your all Medical Records will be there in the Card. Last Time From which Medicine hels you in curing the disease. Which Medicine Infected your body. This will help doctor in further Treatment.

How Hospitals will Get Data from 14 Digit Health Card

Like Aadhaar Card all the Data will be stored in Data Centre. When you contact Hospital for Treatment they will ask for your 14 Digit Number. They will enter this Number and you will receive OTP. After you tells your OTP your all Medical Records will be In Front of them. This will help them in your Tretment.

Can Anyone Access your Health Data with this Unique 14 Digit Number.

No, Because The Data can only be seen after you verify the OTP. In Hospital when you tells your 14 Digit Number for Health Records then OTP comes At your Registered Number. Also No one Can Copy that Health Data in any Format.

Can Data of Health Card can be Transfered?

Yes, Data of Health Card can be Transfered but only after the owner of Health Card gives the OTP. If you don’t Provide the OTP then You data cannot be transfered.

Is it Important to Make this Health Card?

Presently it is Not Mandatory to make Health Card. But we Cannot Say about future. In Future it is possible that Government make this Unique Health Card Mandatory Like it Makes Aadhaar Card Mandatory.

If any Individual doesn’t have Smartphone then how he will make this Unique 14 Digit Health Card?

Cards will be made at Registered Government-Private Hospitals, Community Health Centers, Primary Health Centers, Wellness Centers, Common Service Centers etc. There you will be asked for general information. Like name, date of birth, mobile number etc.

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