Trade Setup For Tomorrow- Chances that Market will Fall

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Trade Setup For Tomorrow. There is a high chance that the market will fall tomorrow.

The first reason for the fall of the Market is the Rise in Covid Cases in PAN India. Especially in Maharastra, There is a high chance that Lockdown can be implemented. CM Uddhav Thackrey has set up Committee Regarding This.

The second reason for the fall of the Market is that FII’s are Withdrawing Money From the Emerging Market. The reason for the Withdrawl of FII’s is the Yield of US Securities i.e Debt Market is Increasing. FII Thinks that US Fed can increase the Repo Rate at any time. This Comes because Inflation is increasing and to stop the inflation Repo Rate need to be increased.

What should an Investor Do?

As an investor, you need not worry. Investor Keep only One Thing in Mind the Market will never come to Zero. Before Covid-19 Crisis, the Market saw the DotCom Bubble in 2001, Recession in 2007. If these two Market crashes cannot diminish the Market then how can this Crisis Bring the Market to Zero.

Ace Investor Warren Buffet Also Says- “Be Fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful”. The meaning of this Quote is Investor Should buy Quality Stocks at every Market Crash. We all know the Equity market only grew in Long Term So you should invest in Market Crash. This will Create Massive Wealth for You.

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