Top 5 most in-demand IT skills for the future.

Most demanding it skills in 2020 highest paying jobs in india

As it is a lockdown period going and everyone is worrying about post corona pandemic because everyone is thinking that post corona pandemic will be worse and it will bring recession so to protect yourself from that situation here is the list of top in demanding free skills and you can learn from your home in this lockdown period. These skills can bring about 1 lakh per month in your pocket.

1- Coding

Coding is a lifetime skill. It is in demand ten years back, and it will be in demand 10 years after also. Coding is the medium through which we can communicate with computers as computers understand binary language, so coding acts as a medium through which we can interact with computers. Without Coding, one cannot imagine it’s life because everything we used in our life is based on Coding. Let’s talk about IoT, which stands for the INTERNET OF THINGS.

Many home appliances maker’s have innovated IoT technology in their appliances you can control your AC while you are away from your home. Can open/close geyser from the application . All this becomes possible due to Coding language JAVA.

Smart speakers and voice assistants like Alexa and Siri become possible due to the magic of Coding. Three main coding languages c++, Java, and python and each programming language, have their benefits. You cannot compare these programming languages with each other. With C++, websites can be created. Many MNC website like Amazon, eBay, Google uses C++ for creating their websites.

Java is mainly used in many banking applications like FINACLE, ORACLE, FinnOne, etc. Java Android Development can be done. Android can be developed using JAVA. PYTHON is used in Artificial Intelligence. It is famous because of its simple language, English Like Commands. You are learning any one of the 3 languages you can easily place in an MNC company and can make you earn 1 Lakh Rupees per month.

2 – Video Editing

Nowadays, Video Editing skills are in high demand. This skill is used everywhere, Like Editing youtube videos or edit promotional videos for different organizations. During this lockdown period, you can learn how to edit videos, and for learning, there is a free platform that everyone knows is youtube.

If you have Mac, then you have inbuilt video editing software Imovie by which you can edit videos easily, but for windows, you have Sony Vegas and Premiere Pro although they are not free, there are many ways you can get them. With this skill, you can easily earn 35000 per month, but as your experience and name increases you can get higher pay as you gain many clients.

3- Graphic designing

Graphic Designing is also in high demand in these ways. You see, banners on many websites, the logo of the youtube channel, poster, Instagram post, advertisement like Amul advertisement where you see only one poster. All this work is done through graphic designing. Making a Blueprint of an app before Coding, making Frontend designs like png images on websites or apps.

Some of the major graphic designing software are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator-Logos and vector image illustrations, Adobe Xd, and Adobe Indesign. You can learn Graphic design from Youtube or from Udemy. Graphic Designing is a promising career as the whole world is getting digitized. The demand for Graphic Designing will increase in the future.

4- Content Writing

Content Writing Skill is also a promising skill which brings about 1 lakh/month in your pocket. For content writing foremost tool required is your grip on language means how effectively and efficiently you can write content, the second tool is a Text editor like MS-word, Pages in Apple and Google Doc online Text Editor. There is basically 7-8 work that content writer does. The main work of the content writer is Blog Writing. Blog Writing means writing your ideas.

Blog Looks like a website only. The benefit of the blog is that you can monetize your blog and can earn money. If you become a reputed blogger than you can do a brand endorsement for many brands. SEO Writing This is also an important work in content writing. SEO means Search Engine Optimization.

So in SEO writing, you write content with a proper keyword, which helps in ranking your website. Other work of a content writer is Product Descriptions, Article Writing, Technical Writing, Newsletters, Ebooks, Academic Writing. Content writing can also be done via freelancing. Many freelancing websites such as freelancers, Upwork, etc. are there.

5 – Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is used everywhere in this. It is basically used to pitch consumers through search engines, social media platforms, etc.

Digital marketing helps in growing business efficiently. If we talk about skills required in digital marketing, then you have to be good at creativity and have storytelling abilities. There are so many paid courses available on digital marketing, but you can learn digital marketing via youtube there are so many channels available regarding.

The main work of digital marketers is to influence customers, doing brand endorsement. The Digital marketer knows to target which type of audience once you get established in digital marketing, then you can open your own digital marketing agency.

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