Tips for Getting confirmed Tatkal Ticket from IRCTC Mobile App.

How can I confirm my Tatkal ticket?

Train Tatkal Ticket: in This Corona Pandemic Railway is Operating Special trains and normal Trains are not running. If you want to travel through travel then you must Have Confirm ticket. Without Confirm Ticket you cannot travel through Train. For Emergency travelers, Railways Started the Tatkal ticket System. some Seats are reserved under this Quota. Tatkal Tickets Window is opened one day prior to the travel date. Getting Confirmed Tatkal Ticket is Not Easy. Here we will tell you

There is no doubt that Tatkal ticketing System is Beneficial. But getting Tatkal Ticket is like getting your desired product from the Flash Sale of Amazon and Flipkart. For AC Coach Tatkal ticket Booking Starts from 10 A.M. and For Sleeper or 3rd Tier Tatkal Ticket Booking Starts from 11 A.M. . Several Time it happens that When you filled all the Information in the IRCTC App or Website till that time all Tickets get Booked and It shows Seats Not Available. But Don’t Worry Here we will tell you the Trick by Which you can get the Confirmed Tatkal Ticket.

Every Process Takes Time in Ticket Booking

In Recent Years IRCTC has upgraded its website and Mobile Apps. For Online train Ticket booking, you have First Register Yourself Through the IRCTC app or Website. After Registering Yourself you Login with your ID and Password. Choose your source and destination and select your Date of Travel. After this, you get a list of all the trains available. Select your coach Type i..e AC or Non-AC

Under Quota Section you will get Tatkal Ticket Booking Option

If You Want To Book a Tatkal ticket then you Have To select Tatkal Option Under Quota. In Quota Option, You get Various Options such as Ladies, Tatkal, Lower Berth/Sr. Citizen, Premium Tatkal and Divyang. There is a chance that You might Get a confirmed ticket under this Quota. Remember One Thing that You can use Only 1 Quota at a Time.

If You want Only Confirmed Berth then you Must Select Trains with the Available Berth Option.

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Use Master List for Getting Confirmed Tatkal Ticket

After You Select Your Desired Train For Travelling You need to Add Passenger Details of Each Passenger Manually. Filling These Details Consumes Your Time. And This Can Decrease Your Chance of Getting Confirm Ticket. For Increasing Your Chance of getting Confirmed Tatkal Ticket Use Master List. This Master List Contains the Name of the Traveller, Age, and Berth Preference.

How To Prepare Master List

Preparing a Master List is Easy. Follow These Simple Steps For Creating Master List-

1- Login To IRCTC App.

2- After Login Click on the My Account Option.

3- Select My Master List Option

4- Click on Add Passengeron Upper Right Side.

5- Fill in Passenger Details. It Includes Passenger Type Such as Normal, Divyang, and Journalist. Name, DOB, Gender, Berth Preference, Meal Preference, and ID Card type. Enter ID Card Number of ID Which you have Selected.

6- Now Your Master List is Ready

7- When You Click on Add Passenger Option Then choose Add Existing Instead of Add New.


Can I book a Tatkal ticket on confirm ticket app?


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