This Photo of Chinese Army – What we know about this ?

a high Government official on Tuesday shared the picture of the Line of Actual Control(LAC) Between India and China. In this picture soldiers of the Chinese army are standing with edged weapons.

LAC Image

What we can see in this image?

Around 25 soldiers of the Chinese army can be seen in this picture they have poles in their hand and the upper parts of these poles are edged.

When this picture was taken?

According to higher officials of the Indian government, this image was taken on 7th September.

We did not do the fast check of this picture. Hence we cannot tell about the originality of his image.

Location of this Image

This image is of Mukhpuri, An Indian Post which is situated in eastern Ladakh. According to the officials of the Indian Government the place where Soldiers of the Chinese Army are standing is actually the part of thereof Line of Actual Control (LAC). This picture was taken from a distance of 800 meters.

Story Behind this image

According to India – Soldiers of the Chinese Army are trying to come closer to the Indian post and they have been warned by Indian army. Indian Army gave the firing threat to the Chinese army but no firing was done because till then time Chinese army stops there feet.

One official said that – Some soldiers of china are present there. But they are not moving towards Indian post. But this is not clear that this part of the Chinese army fired towards India or there is another part of Chinese army which fired towards India but after this image some air – firing was done by the Chinese army.

Statement of India and china

According to China Foreign Minister and western theatre commander – the Indian Army has done the firing and also crossed the Line of actual control (LAC)

In its answer, the Indian Army said that – Indian Army never cross the Line of Actual Control (LAC) nor shown any aggressive attitude but they said that China is violating the agreement and adopting an aggressive attitude

According to both the Indian army and the chines army – from both sides, there was no warning firing from decades. Both countries have border protocol.

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