Lockdown can be implemented in Delhi .Third wave of corona virus hits Delhi

Kejriwal government is planning to implement a mini Lockdown in Delhi as the third wave of corona hits Delhi.  Delhi government has asked permission from the central government to close the markets.  In marriages now, only 50 persons are allowed instead of 200 persons.

Let’s understand why there is a need for this mini lockdown?

1 – Till now in Delhi 4 lakh 89 thousand people have been infected from covid-19. According to various reports in previous weeks around 1-3 lakh, people are coming to various markets of Delhi. Due to this corona cases increases.

2 – In the previous 30 days, the national capital saw 1.61 lakh new cases and 1,732 deaths. If we look at the current situation then there are 40,128 Active cases of covid-19 in Delhi. Maximum of these are home isolated.

3- According to Delhi health minister Satyendra Jain “Country’s National Capital has faced the third wave of coronavirus on 28th October which was over till now.  However, the Health Ministry of the central government is saying that we cannot predict the third wave of coronavirus.

Areas where mini-lockdown can be implemented

1- On Tuesday Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said that in those markets where Mask wearing and social distancing norms are not being following and if that place becomes corona hot spot then we have to shut that market for few days. We are sending a proposal to the central government for the same.

These markets of Delhi Can be shut down if the Delhi government gets permission from the central government to close the markets:

Cannaught Place, Karol bagh, Sarojni Nagar,  Sadar Bazar,  Lajpat Nagar, Janpath,  Chandni Chowk,  INA, Patparganj, Lakshmi Nagar, etc

CAT is against this market shut

Confederation of All India traders (CAT) is against this proposal.  CAT says that we are unite in fighting against the coronavirus but the government should think of the results which will happen after the closure of markets.

2 – Only 50 persons are allowed in marriages instead of 200 persons.

A few days ago when everything becomes fine central government has allowed 200 persons in marriages but as the cases start increases Delhi government has sent a proposal to LG to restrict this permission to only 50 persons in marriage.

Effect of this  mini-lockdown

1- Severe effect on 4,000 marriages and it’s 5000 Crore Rupees market.

In the month of November and December, around 4,000 Marriages are scheduled in Delhi. Many couples who cannot marry in lockdown have planned it in the month of November and December.  Many marriages are planned on 25 November as there is Shiv Parvati vivah on this date.

According to weddingz.in which is a wedding planner site this marriage season in Delhi is of around 4-5000 crore rupees. If markets get shut and also the number of guests gets restricted then this marriage season will be affected.  Because all things such as Clothes market,  wedding planner, Catering,  hotels, banquets hall are interconnected with each other.

According to several wedding planners all guest houses, wedding venues are booked for November and December.  The maximum number of bookings are for 25 November as there is shiv Parvati vivah on this date.  After this 3 more dates i.e. 30 November,  11 December,  12 December all venues are booked.

Traveling will not be affected if lockdown implements in Delhi

This time if lockdown implements in Delhi then there will be no effect on traveling this time.  Flights and trains will be running.  No proposal has been sent for shutting Delhi metro.



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