TATA Group Warns Against Fraud Message. Message Says you will get Free TATA EV Nexon

From Few Days a Fraud is Going on in the Name of TATA Group. regarding this Fraud TATA Group Clarifies by Posting a tweet on Twitter. In This Tweet, it was written that there is no such Promotional Activity Going from Company. So Not Click on This Link and not forward this message to others

What is there in Promotional Message?

A Promotional Message is being Forwarded. Promotional Message says that “TATA Group is Conducting Survey on the Completion of 150 Years of TATA Group. Those Who Participate in this Survey will be Awarded with TATA Nexon EV.”

TATA Group Denies of such Promotional Offer

TATA Group denies of such Promotions. They Says that There is no such Promotional Activitry from Company. Beware of such Fake Messages.

Verify the Link Before Forwarding

TATA Group Appeals Customers that If You Receives any such Promotional Messgae then check the Source of the Message. Read the Message several Time Before Clicking the link. If any Message is claiming that You are Getting this Offer From TATA Group then Check the Official Websute of Company and Social Media Hnadles of Company. All the Offers of Company can be Seen on Social media Platforms.

How to Check Whetehr the Received Promotional link is Fake Or Real?

Many People Cretae Fake Link and Circulate Them that This Brand is Giving Free Offers. Click on the LInk and You will Get this Link in Free. When People Click on this Link It Ask about there Personal Information. So They Collect your Personal Information and Sell . You Can Simply Check That This Link is Fake or Real. Just Look at The URL. If URL has HTTP on it then It is Totally Fake. If URL Has HTTPS then Yiu can Trust Link but It is Advised to Check The Social Media Platform and Official Website of the Company

फेक मैसेज किसी को फॉरवर्ड नहीं करें

इसके अलावा इसके url पर गौर करें. किसी भी लिंक को क्लिक करने से पहले उसके यूआरएल पर अगर गौर करेंगे तो पता चल जाएगा कि यह फेक है या फिर सही है. अगर आपको लगता है कि यह फेक मैसेज है और इसके जरिए फ्रॉड हो सकता है तो ऐसे मैसेज को किसी को ट्रांसफर नहीं करें.

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