Shares which made Crorepati in last 20 years with an investment of just 1 Lakh

Every person in this earth  wants to become rich so that he/she can live a luxury life . To lead a luxury life person need to do investment in right way . In earlier Time There are limited Investment options like FD , RD . But now in today’s time there are many Investment option Like Stock Market , Mutual Fund . There are many shares which made people crorepati in just 20 years with an investment of just 1 lakh rupees

In all these Investment option . Investment in stock/share market is the best option . But to get Multibagger return from Share market you have to be patient not get restless with the ups and downs of the market . Because we all know in the long run share market always gives Multibagger .

Here we will tell you shares which made there investors crorepati in just 20 years with an investment of 1 just 1 Lakh rupees .

Share Market

1- Titan

This stock made investors crorepati . Rakesh Jhunjhunwala gets billionaire with this stock . In January Titan was trading at 7 rupees and now it was trading at Rs 1196.55 which means a return of 16920.55% . If a person invested 1 Lakh rupess which means he would have got around 14,000 shares of titan . Now if that person holds that share for 20 years which is not everyone’s cup of tea to have that much patience . Current market price that share is Rs 1196.55 . Total valuation is 1196.55*14,0000=1,67,51,700 . One Crore Sixty Seven lakh Fifty One thousand seven hundred . All this above data is without share split , Bonus and dividend . If we calculate the share split , Dividend , Bonus . Then Total valuation will be thrice the current value .

2- Infosys

Infosys is investors all time favorite . It is  founded by Narayan Murthi with it’s friends . Infosys also made it’s crorepati .  In January 2000 Infosys share was trading at around Rs 114.00 . Share of Infosys splits itself 6 times from Year 2000 . and this split is always in 2
:1 ratio which means if you have 1 share of infosys after split you will have 2 share of infosys . If we count all the split then your 1 share of infosys which you have purchased in year 2000 is now been converted into  32 shares .

Suppose an investor invested Rs 1 lakh in Infosys share in year 2000. then with the price of Rs 95.13 he will have 1051 shares of infosys in his Demat account . If a person holds Infosys in it’s Demat account for 20 years . The current valuation of it’s share on the basis of January 2020 rate which Rs 736.85 . Current valuation – 1051*736.85=7,73,536 Rs . Now Share got split 6 times from Year 2000 . So , one Share of infosys becomes 32 shares . Hence , 1051 shares will be 33,632 . Now Valuation of shares will be 33,632*736.85=2,47,81,739.2 . In words it is two crores forty seven lakh eighty one thousand seven hundred thirty nine and two paisa . We did not calculated bonus and dividend by company . Infosys gave 4 bonuses after year 2000 . If we calculate bonus and dividend then this amount will be more than 10 crores .

3- Eicher Motors

Everyone must have heard about Royal Enfield or say bullet . It is manufactured by Eicher motors only . This share have made it’s investors millionaire . In 20 years this share gave the returns of 32,644.87% . In January 2000 Eicher motor was trading at Rs 6.24 and in January  2000 share was trading at Rs 22,075.8 . Now if we talk about September 2020 . Company split it’s stock from the face value of Rs 10 to Re 1 .  In Charts Rs 22,075.8 will be looking like Rs 2207.58 . We will be talking before the split because splitting of share doesn’t effect it’s share price . Share price remains same .

Suppose you invested one Lakh rupees in Eicher motors in January 2000 at the price of Rs 6.24 . You will have Around  16,025 Shares of Eicher Motors in your Demat Account . If you would have invested for  20 years in this share . Then the according to the January 2020 price which is Rs 22,075.8 then your valuation of shares will be 16,025*22,075.8=35,37,78,846.15 . In words it is Thirty five crores thirty seven lakh seventy eight thousand eight hundred forty six and fifteen paisa . This is a multibagger return . Company didn’t gave any bonus. This is without Bonus .

4 – Kotak Mahindra Bank

No investors in his life ever thought that this bank which was listed in 2001 would make it’s investors crorepati . In  July 2001 this bank share is trading at Rs 2.40 . In January 2020 this share was traded at Rs 1674 .05 which means a return of 70,133% which made this bank a Multibagger .

Suppose you invests 1 Lakh Rupees in this bank In July 2001 . Share Price in July 2001 was Rs 2.40 then you would have 41666 shares of Kotak Mahindra Bank in your Demat Account . You remain invested in this share for 20 years . Then According to January 2020 the total Valuation of your 41,666 shares would be Rs 69752083 . In words this amount is Six crore ninety seven lakh fifty two thousand eighty three rupees .

Many People says that this is history . But we have to learn from history . We have to pick those shares which will give us multibagger return .

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Hope you find this information useful .

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