Save your WhatsApp account from getting hacked|Follow these steps and save your WhatsApp Account from getting hacked

Several news is coming across the world that the WhatsApp account of various users get hacked and you are worried that your WhatsApp account can be hacked so follow these steps and save your WhatsApp account from being hacked.

New methods of hacking other WhatsApp account have come into the market and it is happening across the world. A few months ago a tech company in Israel is Found to hacking the WhatsApp account of many famous personalities of the world.

How hackers can hack your WhatsApp account

Whenever a user logs into his WhatsApp account from other devices then an OTP comes to the registered mobile number and if any hacker gets access to your mobile and you have enabled the message preview option then a hacker can access your mobile and enter that received OTP.

By Using Malware.

Today there are many malware software’s through which hackers can access your mobile and can get that 6 digit verification code and login into your WhatsApp account by sitting at any place.

Hackers can demand money from your relatives and friends

Hackers after getting access to your WhatsApp account demand from your friends and relatives. This scam was exposed in a report published by but you can prevent all this with just a simple setting in your Whatsapp account.

Settings to be done in your Whatsapp account to safeguard yourself from this fraud.

With just a simple setting you can safeguard your WhatsApp account from getting hacked.

In WhatsApp settings, there is one feature which is known as 2 Factor authentication. 2-factor authentication is a security feature launched by WhatsApp. In this feature, you will need to set up a 6 digit pin of your choice. This 6 digit will be asked by you whenever you login into your WhatsApp account from any other device. This 6 Digit pin will be asked after OTP. hence it is known as 2-Factor Authentication.

How to enable 2-Factor authentication in your WhatsApp account?

Enabling WhatsApp 2-Factor authentication is easy

1- Open WhatsApp

2- Click on 3 dots on the upper right side. Click on settings in the last.

3- A new window will open. In that window click on Account.

4- Under account click on Two-step verification.

5- It asks you to enter the 6-digit pin. This pin will be asked every time when you log in to your WhatsApp account.

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