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Why is our Indian stock market zooming up despite so many bad news?

Indian Stock Market is Zooming up Despite so Many Bad News Because Indian Market is Emerging Market. There are only 4-5% Indian in Stock Market Only. There is so much Penitaration in Indian Market. Also, the Indian Economy is Showing Recovery as the P/E of the Indian Market currently is 24.5.

If you are going to increase your wealth it dis vitally important for you to set aside funds regularly into savings and investments?

Yes, It is vital for you to set aside funds regularly for savings and investment. It is because everyone should have emergency funds of a Minimum of 2-3 Lakh Rupees with them. As no one knows when an Emergency Comes. If you don’t have emergency funds then you will look for your equity investments and you will liquidate that investment. In this way, you will not get the benefit of Compounding and you will never create wealth. So, It is Important to regularly aside funds into savings and investment

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