How to link pan and aadhar card online

how to link pan card to aadhaar card online through e-filing website The government has mandated to link PAN ( Permanent Account Number ) with Aadhar Card. Earlier the Date for Linking PAN with Aadhar is was 31st March 2020, but due to the corona pandemic, CBDT has extended the …

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Best free online courses during the lockdown

Free Online Digital Courses

Free Online Digital Courses During Lockdown It is a very old saying that Every Thing has its Pros and cons, and the same is with this covid-19. It has a huge impact on the global economy, which is leading towards recession across the world, But some good things also happen …

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Chia seeds in Hindi And the Benefits of chia seeds.

chia seeds in Hindi

What is the meaning of chia seeds in Hindi Chia seed is the edible seed of Salvia Hispanica, Which is a flowering plant in min family. It is grown in the Southwestern side of The U.S.A. and Mexico. This seed in water-loving means hydrophilic in nature. This seed is oval …

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What is apricot in Hindi And Benefits of Apricots

Benefits of Apricots

What is apricot in Hindi Apricot is a full seed fruit. We call apricot in Hindi as khubani. Very Fewer people know about this fruit, But this fruit apricot is very nutritious and good for health. It can be used as a dry fruit when dried. Apricot tree is smaller …

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