One Nation one Ration Card Scheme: Benefiting 67 Core People.


What is One Nation one Ration Card Scheme

Central Government Critical scheme One Nation One Ration Card starts in 20 States and Union territories of India on 1st June 2020. Three more states namely Odisha, Sikkim, Mizoram joins this scheme taking the tally to 23.


Benefits of One Nation One Ration Card

These schemes will be benefited to those people who are working in other states and there ration card is of another state. Under this scheme, ration cardholder can take ration from any Government PDS Shop and it will benefit 67 cores people of India. This scheme is mainly for poor people who in search of work move to another state.

The ration cardholder will get 5 Kg of rice at Rs 3 per Kg. And wheat at Rs 2 per kg. The card will be in two languages one language is Hindi and other languages can be Hindi/English.

How this new system will work

This system will totally work on AADHAR Based Authentication. All the PDS shops will have POS machines installed in their shops. As all the data have been connecting to AADHAAR ration cardholder just put their thumb on the POS machine all his details will come on it like units on the card , State of the cardholder, etc.

The scheme was started in 2019 – One Nation One Ration card scheme was started on 9 August 2019. Previously the scheme was known by Ration Card Portability but after that scheme name was changed to One Nation One Ration Card.

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According To Food Department, This Scheme Is Not Implemented In Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Chhattisgarh, Ladakh, Assam, Delhi, Jammu And Kashmir, Pondicherry, Andaman And Nicobar, LAKSHADWEEP, CHANDIGARH So The Ration Card Holders Of These States Will Be Not Benefited But Food Department Assured That They Have Directed These States To Take The Necessary Measures And To Implement This Scheme Before March 2021


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