Mitron app-Indian Version Of Tiktok. Is It The End Of Tiktok In India?


These days a new app Mitron similar to TikTok is trending, and its day by day increasing popularity makes it a rival of TikTok. Mitron app has crossed 50 LAKH + DOWNLOAD in just one month of its release.

What Is The Mitron App

Mitron App is a purely Indian app. An IIT ROORKEE Student Shivank Agarwal makes it. It is released on 11 April 2020. Mitron is a free short video platform. It is created for those people who want to show their innovative ideas through videos. The interface of the Mitron app is very easy. Users can create edit and share their videos, and at the same users can browse to other people video across the word.

What Is The Mitron App

The main aim of Mitron is to entertain people through a common platform where people come and entertain themself through small videos and also people can create a social incentive by entertaining other people because after watching short videos, people get entertained. They laugh, and as we know, laughter is the best medicine. So indirectly, it is a social incentive to society.

How Mitron will be benefited?

Since TIK-TOK Is a Chinese App and Recently Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech, asks people to be local in this corona pandemic, and people are angry about the origin of coronavirus.

In this situation, Indian will try Mitron app.

App Has Tiktok Like Interface

Talking about the interface of the Mitron app, it is similar to TikTok. This App has 4.7 Ratings in the play store. After installing the App you can open the app and scroll videos. Still, if you want to upload videos, then you have to create an account, and account creation will happen only with google sign in means with the Google Id, which was logged in in your android phone at that time, which proves the genuinity of this App.

And it will show real views, and comments like you see on Youtube, so this feature of the Mitron can prove to be the win-win situation over Tik-Tok. In the review section of this App, many users have complained that this App has many bugs, and they are facing login issues.

Why Mitron Is Getting Famous Despite Of Bugs?

Mitron App has many bugs, but despite these bugs, it is gaining popularity. Because of the recent dispute of tiktok with youtube, youtube has deleted the Roasted video of Carry Minati about tiktok.

Since after then Indians are demanding to ban TikTok in India. Ban – Tiktok campaign is also running these days.

Since Mitron is purely an Indian app, so people are promoting it against Tik-Tok, IT is correctly said that everything has its right time. And Mitron is also launched at this time when people are against china.

Will Mitron App Give Tough Fight To Tik Tok?

As we know that this is not the first time that the rating of any app and it’s user base changes dramatically. We have the example of Zoom, which is the video calling App.

User growth of this App increases to 1900% despite its app rating, which was downgraded due to user data leakage. After this, ZOOM improved its App, and now it is a widely used video conferencing APP among corporates.

The same can happens in the case of tiktok because tiktok is backed by ByteDance, which is one of the significant corporates of china, so, inevitably, tiktok will fight back because india is a favorite of tiktok.

After all, more than 50% of the total users of TikTok is from India. But Mitron can give a tough fight to TikTok if it improves its user interface and resolves technical issues. For resolving technical issues, Mitron will need funding, and now it is up to the Indian investors whether they give funding to this or not.

Frequently Asked Question –

1- Is Mitron An Indian App ?

Yes, Mitron Is An Indian App. IIT Roorkee Student Shivank Agarwal Makes It.

2- Release Date Of Mitron App?

Mitron App was released on 11 April 2020

3- Is It Free Or Paid?

Mitron app is free. Anyone can create it’s an account in this App.

4 – Is It The Rival Of Tik-Tok In India?

In the current scenario, due to it’s gaining popularity, it is a rival of Tik-Tok. Still, soon some investors have to come forward and support this App; otherwise, it will be difficult for this App to survive because Big-giant ByteDance backs Tik-Tok. Tik-Tok doesn’t want to lose its position in india, so to become the Rival of tik-tok. Big Institutional Investors should come forward and support it.

5 – Reviews Of Mitron App

Reviews are satisfactory, but some users complain that they are facing login issues. The Interface of the App is very simple. After opening the App, you can scroll videos without logging in. If you want to upload videos, then you have to log in to the App. The main feature of the Mitron App is that only Google sign-in is required, which means no fake users only real users like in Youtube only real users. This is the real feature that shows the genuinity of App.

6- Mitron App Available On The Apple App Store?

Till now, it is not available for I-phone users. It is available only for Android Users. Soon it can be available for I-phone Users.

7- Who is the owner of mitron app

IIT Roorkee Student Shivank Agarwal


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