Top 10 Large Cap Stocks hold by Mutual Funds in Total Equity Mutual Fund AUM

Top 10 Large Cap Stocks held by Mutual Funds

Here we will provide you the List of Top 10 Large Cap Stocks Hold by Mutual Funds in Total Equity Mutual Fund AUM. In this List, We will provide you the Current Percentage of Large Cap Stocks in Total Equity AUM and 10 Years Back Percentage Allocation of These Stocks in Total Equity AUM.

Company Rank in Dec 2010

Rank in Dec 2020

% Holding in Total Equity AUM in December-2010 % Holding in Total Equity AUM in December 2020
HDFC Bank 8 1 2.0% 6.4%
ICICI Bank 2 2 4.5% 5.7%
Infosys 1 3 4.5% 5.3%
Reliance Industries 4 4 3.4% 4.0%
HDFC Ltd . 14 5 1.3% 3.0%
Bharti Airtel 7 6 2.3% 2.8%
Axis Bank 26 7 0.8% 2.4%
Kotak Mahindra Bank 33 8 0.5% 2.3%
State Bank of India 3 9 3.9% 2.2%
TCS 5 10 2.9% 2.2%


From The Above List, we can see that HDFC Bank which was at 8 Position in the List of Fund Houses 10 Years Back is now at Number 1 Positions. This All Happens because of the Strong Growth of HDFC Bank in the Last 1 Decade. HDFC is now the Number One Bank in India in Terms of Market Capitalisation Surpassing SBI. In Total Equity Allocation in all schemes of All Mutual Funds, HDFC Bank Has 6.4% Allocation in all the schemes of Equity Mutual Funds. In Dec 2010 This Allocation is only 2.0%.

In Dec 2020 ICICI Bank is at number 2 Positions with 5.7% of Holding in Total Equity AUM. In Dec 2010 also ICICI Bank is at Number 2 Positions in Terms of % allocation in equity Mutual Funds. At that time Total Allocation of ICICI Bank is 4.5%.

Exposure of Equity Mutual Funds Increases in Infosys. In Dec 2010 Mutual Fund Houses give Infosys 4.5% of Allocations and Ranked it Number 1 and in Dec 2020 Mutual Fund Houses Invests 5.3% of their Total Equity AUM in Infosys. Infosys Stood at Third Position in Terms of Equity Allocation.

In Dec 2010, Reliance Industries stood at Number 4 Position with 3.4% Allocation and in Dec 2020, Also Reliance Industries Stood at Number 4 Position with 4.0% Allocation

Brother of HDFC Bank, HDFC Ltd .  is also there in this List at Number 5 Positions with 3.0% Allocation in Equity Mutual Funds in Dec 2020. In Dec 2010 , HDFC Ltd . Stood at 14th Positions with only 1.3% Allocation in Total AUM of Equity Mutual Funds. This Allocation Increases Because of the Growth HDFC Ltd. Shows in Last One Decade. HDFC Ltd is now a name of Trust in Home Loan Giving Companies. HDFC Ltd checks all the papers and do the Proper Documentation of Property Before Giving the Home Loan.

Slight Allocation Increases by the Mutual Fund Companies in Bharti Airtel. In Dec 2010, Mutual Fund Companies allocates 2.3% of Total Equity AUM and in Dec 2020, This Allocation Changes to 2.8%. This Allocation Change has been done in the Last 1 or 2 Years Before this and after the Launch of Jio Mutual Fund Companies is not giving Allocation in Bharti Airtel. In the Last 2 Years, the results of Bharti Airtel shown a significant change and the share price of Bharti Airtel also took a recovery the last 2 years. This Made Mutual Fund Houses to Invest in Bharti Airtel.

In Axis Bank also Fund Houses increase there allocation 3 Times when compared with Dec 2010 . In Dec 2010 Allocation in Axis Bank is just 0.8% which increases to 2.4% in Dec 2020 . In Dec 2010 , Ranking of Axis Bank is 26 which is 7 in Dec 2020 .

Allocation in Kotak Mahindra Bank also increases by Mutual Fund Houses . Earlier Mutual Fund Houses allocates only 0.5% in Kotak Mahindra Bank but as the bank grows Exposures of Fund Houses Increases in Kotak Mahindra Bank .

Talking about the Last two Large Cap Stocks Mutual Fund Houses decreases there holdings in these two stocks in SBI we can understand that it is due to the NPA’s ( Non Performing Assets) . But in TCS the allocation decrement is not understood . TCS is the second Largest Company of Indian Stock Market in terms of M-cap . Though this decline is only 0.7% . In Dec 2010 , Equity Allocation in TCS is 2.9% which declines to 2.2% in Dec 2020 .


We can conclude by saying that the Maximum Exposure of Fund Houses in Equity Allocation in Large Cap Stocks is in the Stocks of Finance Sectors. There are Six Companies from Finance Sector in Top 10 . 2 are From Technology Sector and 2 are from Telecom Sector. From This, we also conclude that Finance Sector always Grows This is the era of the Finance Sector as People are now getting aware of Finance. Need of Finance in Life. Finance Sector will also grow in Future.

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