Jeff Bezos – First Person in Planet Earth to Have a net worth of 200 Arab Dollar.

Jeff Bezos has become the first person on this planet earth to have the Networth of 200 Arab Dollar which is more than the GDP of many countries.

Jeff Bezos is also known as the King of Cybercommerce as his Amazon delivers everything from A to Z. Many of us don’t know that from the last 22 years Jeff Bezos Salary is the same but then also he is the richest person on earth. He gets 12.34 Crore Rupees as his Salary.

In 2010, Jeff Bezos shared the secret of his success when he delivered a speech at Priston University. This is the university from Where Jeff has taken its Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Degree.

He said we have taken risks in our life. Later in life when we think of that past moment then we should not regret it.

His words are –I Had Decided to do something in one stroke. I didn’t think I would regret trying and failing. If I Do not do this then I Will definitely be troubled by the thoughts of not trying even once

Starting of Amazon

In this Speech, Jeff Bezos Shared his life experience. How he got the idea of Starting Amazon. Before Starting his Startup Amazon Jeff Bezos Worked in Many Companies.

HE works in Bankers Trust Company from April 1988 to December 1990  Which was situated in America. Later he became the Vice President of That Company.

He also worked in DE Shaw Company from December 1990 to June 1994. DE Shaw was an Investment Firm. While Working he saw the growing Reach of the Internet which clicks the idea of opening an online book store in its mind 

When he shares this idea with his boss. His boss says that the Idea is great but it is for those people who don’t have any work to do. But Bezos is fully confident of this idea and his wife also supports him in this idea.

Bezos quit his job and started online book delivery from his father’s garage from 5th July 1994. Firstly Bezos sells only old books but as it gains popularity he Created it’s website in July 1995.

The creation of websites has become a turning point for Amazon. According to Amazon Report Company has more than 15 Lakhs Customers of 150+ Countries in 1997 Last. 

Since it is a new Startup so for a few years Company faces huge losses. In this first year, the company has a loss of 16 lakh Rupees. But after a few years, the company is generating huge profits and Revenue. In the previous financial year, company Generated Revenue of 19.63 Lakh Crore Rupees and earns a profit of 81,000 Crore Rupees 

The market cap of Amazon 

Amazon reaches the Market Cap of 1 Trillion Dollars in Less than 25 Years. When Jeff Bezos started on his dream he also didn’t know Himself that one day his Company will be in the list of Most valuable and valuable Companies which also Provides Employment to many people on this earth.

Amazon Reached to the valuation of 1 Trillion Dollars (3,600 Crore Rupees)  of that time in just 3 years i.,e till 1997. In M-Cap Apple is the First Company which has the Market cap of 2 Trillion Dollar after Apple Amazon is there in Second Position. Amazon Market Cap is 1.7 Trillion Dollar (125.80 Lakh Crore Rupees)

Net Worth of Jeff Bezos 

Jeff Bezos Net Worth is 205 Arab Dollars(15.17 Lakh Crore Rupees). Jeff Bezos Receives Salary of 81,480 Dollar from Amazon. He Gets 16 lakh Dollar as Compensation Amount. Many of us Wonder that from 1998 Jeff Bezos is taking the Same Salary i.e 81,840 dollars.

He has a 15.1 % Percent Share of Amazon which counts to More than 7.50 Crore Shares. Jeff Bezos is the Owner of Many Bluechips of the World. He is the owner of One of the Famous Newspaper of America Washington Post which he bought in 2013. After the success of Amazon Jeff Established an Aerospace Firm Blue Origin in 2004.  

Jeff Bezos is in the list of the Richest Person of the world from 2018.

One thing we learned from the success of Amazon is that we have to take the first step. We have to take risks in our lives and sacrifice our Comfort Zone. Without pain No gain we get in our Life


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