Indian Economy will be 5 Trillion USD in Next 5-10 Years: Vijay Shekhar Sharma, CEO Paytm

Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma says that the Country’s Development is in the Exciting Stage. He told that In the Next 5-10 Years Economy of India will be 5,000 Billion dollars. Currently Indian Economy is 2,500 Billion dollars. In the Next 5-10 Years we will see a growth of 2,500 Billion Dollars more. It takes us 70 years to become a 2,500 Billion Dollar Economy. But we will repeat this in the Next 10 Years and Our Economy will be Doubled in that time.

In the 2 days, Virtual Youth conference organized by IMC Chambers of Commerce and Industry Mr. Sharma Said that It is a wonderful and inspiring moment as well for us to be in India. He said that one should never hesitate to do what they feel very strongly about, no matter how small it may seem. He said that one should never hesitate to do what they feel very strongly about, no matter how small it may seem.

He said when someone makes you feel that you are alone. That’s how you handle adversity. And once you succeed, all these adversities will become folklore. So you should never feel bad about it.

New Business Model can Come: Mohandas Pai

Mohandas Pai, Chairman of Erin Capital in another session tells that New Business Model can come Because the wide distribution network is no longer the limiting factor for businesses. He said, your business model can come to the fore, you can start a business and produce something in India and sell it cheaply to the whole world.

He said that the disadvantages and advantages of starting a business in any country through technology no longer exist. So all of you have a common platform and new business models are emerging. It is going to disrupt existing business models, reduce costs and change the world forever. The technology that is coming through digitization and information technology is changing the world and in fact, many industries too.

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Paytm IPO can hit The Market Soon

Paytm File DRHP with Sebi and is planning to bring its IPO and make Paytm a Public Company. After the Unbelievable listing of Zomato, everyone is sure that Paytm IPO will also give a bumper Listing. Everyone is Thinking that What will be the Per Share Price of Paytm. if we look at the Grey Market Price of Paytm it is around Rs 10,000. It looks very expensive . everyone will be looking for the Issue Price of Paytm

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