I Have a Daughter of 2 years . I want 1 Crore Rupees for her Education and Marriage in next 20-25 Years . Which Insurance Plan should i Buy

Insurance and investment are different

Insurance and Investment are both different . Never Think that Buying an ULIP Insurance plan is an investment for future . Insurance is helpful when you are not there . So to Accumulate 1 crore Rupees for her education and Marriage Invest in share Market and Mutual Fund .

Meaning of Insurance 

Insurance means fulfiiling the damage caused to you due to some mishappening . Suppose you have a term insurance of 1 crore Rupees and some mishappening happens with you then this 1 Crore will be given to your family from the insurance company as an insured amount .

In India many people think that buying an insurance is an investment which is totally wrong perception . Insurance will help in fulfilling financial needs of your family when you are not there . Investment will help you and your family in fulfilling financial needs .

So for your Daughter Education and Marriage Invest in Large Cap Mutual Funds and Large Cap stocks in Share Market . Buy a Term Insurance Only . Don’t Buy any Insurance Plan for her Education and Marriage

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