I am your Relative and need some money , Transfer Money Urgently – New Type of Cyber Fraud Going in Market

New Cyber Fraud


“I am your Jija ji and my  friend met with an accident i need urgent money . Kindly Transfer this much of amount in my Account through UPI for his Treatment” . Ramesh receives this call from an unknown caller and when he heard this message he immediately goes to his friend to borrow money as this is the case of relative so he tries to do all the possible help he can do . His friend ask him to confirm this from his Jija Ji so Shyam contacted his Jija Ji and his Jija Ji says that he doesn’t call him at all .

Above is the example of new cyber  fraud going in the market . People are now aware of UPI fraud so Now Fraudsters are stealing hard earned of people from this type of method . They calls the victim and tells them they are relative or relatives friends and says that they are in trouble and need urgent money . When Victim hears that his relative is in trouble and need money urgently . He transfers all the money in the bank account of fraudsters .

Why This Type of Fraud are Happening in India ?

It is the Taught to us from our childhood that to help our relatives is our prime moto . In India we can do anything for our relatives . Fraudsters takes the benefit of this thing and steal our hard earned money in the name of our relatives .

From Where Fraudsters gets our Number ?

This question arises in our minds how these fraudsters are getting our numbers . Answer of this question is we on our own give fraudsters our number . In Need of Money we Indians search for loan giving apps on Play store and we download some apps . after downloading apps we register on that app . These Apps asks for the access of our contacts and we provide them that access and from there these apps get access to our all contacts . Later These Loan giving apps shares your details with these fraudsters . In this way Fraudsters gets our number .

How we can save ourself and our hard earned money from these Fraudsters ?

First of all whenever you receive this type of call directly contact your that relative in whose name this call is made . This is the best method to save ourself . secondly check for that number in truecaller may be in truecaller someone has put that number in Spam .

 Is This Types of Fraud Happens in Foreign Countries also ?

Yes , This Type of Fraud also happens in Foreign Countries also . In India our relative are our weakness . On there name our heart get melts and we are ready to give everything to them . In Foreign Countries People are afraid of laws . Fraudsters Call them and told that Drugs or any Illegal item was found on there name . In USA this type of Things Happens . Fraudsters call the people of that country and told that drugs is found or black money was found on there name . FBI Investigation will take place People get afraid by listening the name of FBI . They ask if there any possible way to get there name wash of from the list , Fraudster tells them that there is a shopping card from which you do shopping deposit some money in that shopping card  . When Victim deposits amount in that shopping card fraudsters ask for the card number of that shopping card and in next one or two minutes Whole amount in that shopping card gets blocked and fraudsters transfers all the amount of that shopping card in it’s account .

Different countries have different type of cyber frauds .


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