How to Deposit Cash into Paytm Wallet. Know Step by Step Process Here

Suppose you have Cash with You and you need to do an urgent payment through Paytm how will you do it. Many Few People Know that You can Deposit Cash Payment into Your Paytm Wallet.

Deposit Cash Into Paytm Wallet
Deposit Cash Into Paytm Wallet

Today with Paytm we can do all the Financial work. This Work Includes Money Transfer, Online and Offline Shopping, Bill Pay, etc. Through Paytm we can directly Transfer Money to Bank Account. We can Also Transfer the Amount into Bank Account Through Paytm Wallet. But Suppose you have Cash with You and you need to do an urgent payment through Paytm how will you do it. Many Few People Know that You can Transfer Cash Payment into Your Paytm Wallet.

Yes, You Heard Right Through Paytm Wallet we can Transfer Cash Money into Bank Account. According to Information given by Paytm, You can add Money into Your Paytm Wallet Through Cash Also. For Depositing Cash into Your Paytm Wallet You need Banking Correspondent.

How you can Deposit Cash Into your Paytm Wallet

This is very simple. Visit Your Near Business Correspondent and tell that you want to deposit cash into your Paytm Wallet. This is like you are depositing Cash into Your Bank Account By Visiting Bank.

To Know about the Nearby Banking Correspondent, Visit Paytm Banking Correspondent.

After Clicking on This Link, Just Enter the Pincode of The City Where you want to Deposit the Cash into Paytm Wallet.

For Depositing Cash You must be a KYC customer. Only KYC Customers can deposit cash into Paytm Wallet.

The limit of Depositing cash into Paytm Wallet is Rs One Lakh Per Month.

If You are Non- a KYC Customer then First Complete your KYC. For KYC, You need Aadhaar Card and PAN Card. Visit the Nearby KYC Centre to Complete Your KYC. To Know about Your Near By KYC Centre, Visit Paytm KYC Points

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Regarding Paytm Cash Deposit

1- How can we Deposit cash into Your Paytm Wallet?

For Depositing Cash into Your Paytm Wallet, Visit Your Near By Banking Correspondent. To Know About Nearby Banking Correspondent Visit Paytm Banking Correspondent.

2- What is Cash Deposit Limit in Paytm Wallet?

You can Deposit Cash Upto Rs 1 Lakh Per Month Into Your Paytm Wallet.

3- Do we Need to Complete KYC Before Depositing Cash Money?

Yes, You Need To Complete Your KYC Before Depositing Cash. You Need to do Your KYC Just Once. After Completing KYC You can Deposit Cash up to 1 Lakh Rupees Per Month.

4- From Where I Can Complete My KYC?

You can Visit Nearby KYC Point for Completing your KYC. To Know About Nearby KYC Points Click Here to Know About Nearby KYC Points.

5- Are Banking Correspondent oy KYC Points are Same?

Yes, Banking Correspondent and KYC Points are the Same. You Can Deposit cash and Complete Your KYC at the Same Point.

6- Do we need to pay Any Charges to Banking Correspondent for Depositing Cash into Our Paytm Wallet.

No, You Don’t Need to pay Any Charges for Depositing cash Money into Your wallet.

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