Hindi Day/Diwas 2020 – Why it is celebrated only on 14th September ? Know here every thing about this day

Every Year On 14th September Hindi Diwas is Celebrated Across India to show the importance of Hindi . Hindi Diwas is also known as National Hindi Diwas Hindi language is ancient language of India . History behind this language is very long . But do you know why only 14th September is celebrated as Hindi Diwas or National Hindi Diwas . Here we will tell you everything about this day

When Hindi is recognized as the national language

On 14th September Hindi is recognized as the National Language of India .

History of Hindi language

In Indian History Hindi language is associated with the Branch of Indo-Aryan which is the part of Indo-European Language . We all known that in India 22 recognized languages were spoken . So After the independence big question Arises about the National language of independent India . On 6th December 1946 to make the constitution of Independent India a Constitution Committee was formed . On 26th November 1949 Constitution committer Approved the Constitution . On 26th January 1950 independent India has got it’s constitution .

After the Independence Government of India has decided to make one National Language of India and selected Hindi as a national Language . It sets the target of making Hindi language grammatically error free . On 14th September 1949 it was decided in constitution Meeting that Hindi will be our National Language . To Promote Hindi in Every Region and field it was decided on 14th September 1953 that every year this date will be celebrated as National Hindi Day/Hindi Day . This Decision was taken on the recommendation of Rashtrabhasha Prachar Samiti , Vardha . Also 14th September is the of Businessman Rajendra Singh Who put enormous efforts in making Hindi as the National language of India . Hindi was declared as a National Language under the Article 343 of constitution on 26th January 1950 .

When Hindi was declared the national language of India Then Non-Hindi Spoking States opposes it . Then to stop that oppose . Other 22 Languages was included in the eight Schedule of the constitution which is the constitution linked with Indian National Language

In Which Countries Hindi is Written and Spoken as a Language

In many countries of World Hindi is now been written and spoken as a language . These Countries are Nepal , United States , Mauritius , South Africa , Trinidad and Tobago , New Zealand , Germany , Suriname , United Kingdom , Singapore etc are countries in which Hindi is Written and spoken as a language .

Beside these the countries in which Indian Citizens lives in that country Hindi is spoken and written as a language .

Some Interesting facts about Hindi language

1- In India Hindi language is the most used language as a means of Communication . Around 78% of India’s Total Population understands and speak Hindi Language

2– Hindi is derived from Persian language and you will be surprised by this fact and First Poem in Hindi was written by “Ameer Khusro” a well known renowned poet .

3– First Literature on the History of Hindi Language is written by Writter “Grasin the Tassy” who lives in France .

4– In 1977 in the General Meeting of United Nations Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee the Foreign Minister of India of that time has given it’s speech in Hindi .

5– In Hindi Namaste Word is used the most .

6– On 23rd September 1999 First Hindi Portal WEBDUNIA.COM was Launched . After the launch of this portal . Hindi language has created it’s impact on Internet and now Hindi language websites ate know increasing day by day .

7- According to Google , In past Years consumption of Hindi Content is increasing and it is increasing by 94% per year as compared to English Content which is increasing with 19% per year .

8- Hindi is one of the seven languages by which we can make URL/Web Addresses/Websites .

9- Presently Hindi is taught in the 176 Universities of the world including the 45 Universities of United States of America .

10– In 1918 Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi said that hindi must be the National Language of India . He Said this in Hindi Literature Programme . He also said Hindi is the language of people .

11 – Every Year on the Occasion of Hindi Day . National Language Week/Hindi Week is celebrated from 14th September to 21st September . For these seven days different- different competitions are organized . These competitions are organized in Schools and offices . Basic Motive Behind the organization of competition is to increase the use and importance of Hindi language and people should increase the use of Hindi language . In these seven days people writes Essays and other activities through which they understands that how powerful hind language is and what are the benefits of Hindi language .

12 – On Hindi Day , People who give there enormous contribution in the development of Hindi language are awarded every year

13 – Out of all the awards given on Hindi day . Two awards name have been changed by the Home Ministry in 25th March 2015 . “Indra Gandhi Rajbhasha Puruskaar” was changed in to “RajBhasha Kirti Puraskar” and “Rajiv Gandhi Rashtriya Gyan Vigyan Maulik Pustak Lekhan” to “RajBhasha Gaurav Puraskar” . These two awards were started in 1986 .

So Now it is cleared to you why Hindi Diwas is Celebrated on 14th September and when Hindi becomes the National Language of India

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