Google Task Mate – Scam Behind Referral Code

Scam Behind Google Task Mate


We all know that most of us are fond of earning money by just sitting at home. We want money just by sitting home and not putting much effort. So when google announces Task Mate Referral Code and announces that with the help of this app you can earn money by just clicking a photo of a Nearby Restaurant, Translate English sentences into the local language. As soon as Google announces this app, People download this app.

But after downloading this app it asks for a referral code. The app will work on the Referral code only. On Google and YouTube, Everyone Starts Searching for Referral Code of Google Task Mate and Game of Scam Behind Referral Code Begins. Here we will tell you what is Google Task Mate and Scam Behind it’s Referral Code.

What is Google Task Mate?

Google Task Mate is an App launched by Google. In this App, you will be given a certain task by google like you have to answer a few questions in a survey, Clicking and uploading photos of a nearby Restaurant. You have to translate English sentences in your local language.

All tasks will be of your choice. You can Participate in tasks in which you wish and can skip tasks which you don’t want to do. Tasks can be completed from anywhere and anytime.

How You Will be Paid?

On completion of tasks, you will be rewarded in the form of money. The money will be paid to you in your local currency. In India, it will be paid in Rupees. The process of Receiving a reward prize is simple. You just need to register yourself with the Inbuilt Payment Partner available in the Task Mate app. After registering You will get the “Cash Out” Button in the profile page . Money can be redeemed by clicking on this button and Money will be credited in your bank account in Your local currency.

Why Google Launches Task Mate App?

Google Knows that most of the people search “How to earn money online? ” To make the benefit of this google launches Google Task Mate Invitation Code. This App, google will monetize itself,, and the revenue of Google will increase. In Today’s Era, Google is the King in the field of Search. It has the Maximum Market Share in Terms of Search Volume Per Day when compared with Bing, Yahoo, etc. So Google Will monetize itself from this and sharing a little profit with People using Task Mate will not be a big deal for people. This App, google will have the full information about the place, Thing, etc and later it will use this information to monetize.

Scam For Google Task Mate Referral Code

As soon as Google Announces about Task Mate App. People start downloading this App. It has 5 lakh + Downloads till now from Google Play Store. After Installing Task Mate it asks for a referral code and no one has the code because the app was launched in Beta Mode. In Beta Mode Developers test the app that how it will work etc. When people see this Referral Code. They start searching for Referral Code and Game of Scam Begins Here. Many Blogs can be seen on Internet Claiming that they are having Referral Code. Many YouTube Channels come into LimeLight telling Viewers that they are having Referral Code. Both of them asking viewers to join their Telegram Channels asking their Personal Details. Some are even asking for Money that after paying Money you will get the Referral Code.

Does Task Mate Really have Referral Code?

now there is no confirmation from Google on the Referral Code of the Task Mate App. Google Only says that Referral code is available with selected users  On the About This Page of Task Mate App it is clearly mentioned that App is for beta Tester only 

Google Task Mate


Since Google Task Mate is in Testing/Beta  Mode Referral Code for using this App is available to Beta Tester. Hence Do not Give any Money or give your Personal Information for getting Referral Code. Google Itself will Announce the launch date of this App. Till then Be Patience

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