Google Pay – Know Everything Here

Google Pay - Know Everything Here

Google Pay is also Known as GPAY, G-PAY. It is Released on 17th September 2017 by Google. It is known as Tez when it is launched. It Uses NPCI’s ( National Payment Corporation of India) Platform UPI(Unified Payments Interface ) . You just need an account in any Indian Bank and a phone number linked with it. It has more than 10 Crore Downloads on the Play Store till now from its Launch Date. Here we will try to solve all your queries which users are facing currently.

What is UPI?

UPI is the first instant money sending facility across the world . Many countries praise this UPI Facility of India . It is very easy to use . You just need to download UPI app from Play Store . Regsiter youself in UPI . UPI will directly fetch all your bank accounts associated with the mobile number used in that phone .

Initially in UPI you can only send money from one bank account to another bank account through UPI ID . Later UPI Improves it’s Service and now you can do any translations such as Paying your bill through BBPS , Book Train Tickets , Pay credit card bills , Purchase Mutual Funds , Buy Stocks . Pay Through QR Code on Shops , Buy and Sell 24K Gold .

Disadvantages of UPI

Everything which has advantages have disadvantages also . Same is with UPI. Instant Money Transfer Facility to any Indian Bank Account is the drawback of UPI . Many Frauds are going through this medium . Fraudsters calls you and say you that you have won a lottery and we will sending you Rs 1,00,000 as a gift but first we will send you Rs 1000 to confirm. After Receiving Rs 1,000 they tells you that they will be sending you a link . On Clicking that link enter your UPI . In The greed, we forget that UPI pin is entered when we send money to anybody. In This way our hard-earned money gets lost. This is the major drawback of UPI

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Frequently Asked Question about Google Pay App

1- You Opened a savings Banks Account and received your ATM instantly. After How Much Time You can Set Up your Account on Google Pay?

You can instantly set up your google pay account. Google Pay or GPAY requires only two things – Bank Account Linked with Mobile Number and that Mobile Number Should be in that phone in which you have installed GPAY App. Second your DEBIT Card Details.

2- Does E-mail Id Required to set up Google Pay Account?

E-Mail Id is not Required to setup Google Pay Account .

3- Users Having Union Bank Account are Facing Difficulties while registering through UPI .

Yes , Users of Union Bank are facing difficulties in adding there Bank Account in Google Pay it is because Two PSU’s Bank Andhra Bank and Corporation Bank are merged in Union Bank and these two banks have different softwares and account Numbers so it will take some time to resolve this issue . Union Bank is trying it’s best to solve this issue.

4- While Paying Through Google Pay sometimes it showsPayment declined to try another bank”.

It is due the server error of your bank. It is due to the reason that Bank is updating there software. Other reason can be the Load of UPI Transactions at that time is at it’s peak.

5- Corporation Bank is not adding in Google Pay?

Account Holder of Corporation Bank can not create new accounts in Google Pay because Corporation Bank is merged with Union Bank of India. Old Google pay Accounts having Corporation Bank Account linked with them is activated but a new account cannot be created in Google Pay.

6- Do we need to set up a Phone Pin or Phone  Lock for setting up Google Pay Account?

Yes, You need to set up a Phone Pin or Phone Lock in your phone to set up Google Pay Account. In Case you don’t want to set up Phone Lock or Pin then you can set up it in the Google Pay App Only. Only Google Pay App will ask for the PIN .

7- Can we send money to a closed bank account through Google Pay?

No, You cannot send money to Closed Bank Account through Google Pay App.

8- Can we Setup Phonepe/Google Pay without Debit Card ?

No , You cannot Setup Phonepe/Google Pay Account without Debit Card . Debit Card is Mandatory .


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