Google CEO Uses 2- Factor Authentication to keep his Account Safe. You should Also use This Authentication

Google CEO Sundar Pichai answers some Interesting Questions which everyone wants to ask from him. In an Interview, Sundar Pichai tells that How Many Times he Changes his Password, How Many Phones he is Currently Using. Boss of Google Also Says that Worldwide Attacks are Happening on Free and Open Internet.

Sundar Pichai uses 2-Factor Authentication
Sundar Pichai uses 2-Factor Authentication

Sundar Pichai Uses Two-Factor Authentication

During an interview with BBC, Sundar Pichai Discloses that he Doesn’t Change his Password Frequently. He uses 2-Factor Authentication Instead. 2-Factor Authentication is easy and safe in Comparison to Changing Password Frequently. Changing the Password Frequently and then remembering them is a difficult task. You can Esaily Forget it when you change it frequently. 2- Factor Authentication is best always.

What is 2-Factor Authentication?

2- factor Authentication is a very Safe Authentication Feature. After Entering the Password you will have to do One more Authentication. It can be in the form of OTP on Your Registered Number or E-mail or You have to click on the Screen of the Phone to Verify the Captcha.

Google Boss uses 20 Phones

Pichai also Discloses that he uses 20 Phones at a time. He says, “He is always changing and he is Checking all new phones. Every Time he is testing it.”

Pichai Childrens’ Browses Youtube.

The question was asked from Pichai that why he is Allowing his children to Browse Youtube. In response to this question, he tells that it is very important for the new generation to learn to adapt to the developing technology.

Free and Open Internet is in Danger

Pichai, who oversees Gmail, Google Chrome, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Docs, Google Photos, and Android OS, said the free and open internet is under attack. Google Boss Pichai tell that he Think that the Free and Open Internet is very Powerful. We underestimate its Potential. In the Whole World Free and Open Internet is in danger. Pichai tells that Many Countries are Banning Information Flow.

Google CEO’s comments come soon after India passed new IT regulations, last month Google published its monthly transparency report on compliance with the rules. However, the company has also argued that the new IT rules do not apply to Google’s search engine.





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