Best free online courses during the lockdown

Free Online Digital Courses During Lockdown

It is a very old saying that Every Thing has its Pros and cons, and the same is with this covid-19. It has a huge impact on the global economy, which is leading towards recession across the world, But some good things also happen during this lockdown period.
One good thing is that many online expensive courses of various famous universities have now become free of cost, which means you can enroll yourself in these courses and can enhance your skills, and now you cannot have any excuse that you have no time or these courses are very expensive. So here is the list of free online Courses.

free online courses during lockdown for school students.

1-Startup India Learning Program – Startup India

This Online program is launched by Startup India in collaboration with the upgrade. This online program is an initiative by the Government of India. It is a free Entrepreneurship program. The aim of this program is to help entrepreneurs to get ideas on how to scale up there venture to the next level. This program is a 4-week extensive program, and 40+ top founders of Indian startup will teach and share there experience. This program is free of cost.

2- Ahref Academy: Blogging For Business by Tim Soulo

The course is launch by Tim Solo, Chief Marketing Officer of Ahref Academy. In this course, he tells how to do blogging. To analyze traffic, how to create great content, create content that attracts backlink, how to build links, and promote content via blogger outreach, in the end 3 guest interviews are there. These three guests are – First is Noah Kagan on how to grow audience second is Bryan Harris – on how to list building and third is Ramsay Taplin- on how to start blogging. In this 5 hour video, Tim solo has told all what he learns from his six years of experience in this field of digital marketing.

3- Introduction To Python Programming – Udemy

Introduction to python programming is the beginner level course available free on udemy platform free of cost you can enroll yourself and can learn python programming, which will later help you in Learning Skills like Artificial Intelligence etc. This course is made by Avinash Jain; this course is from scratch, so no programming experience is required. Only desktop /laptop and internet connection are required for learning this course. A total of 53 lectures are there in this course, and the duration of this course is around 4h 36 minutes.

4 – CS50’s Web Programming with Python and JavaScript – Harvard University

Harvard University has also launched various free online courses during this lockdown period in partnership with edX. CS50’s Web Programming with Python and JavaScript is the most trending programming course provided by Harvard University. You will learn database design scalability security and user experience in this course also; you will learn how to use API and write them and leverage cloud services like Github and Heroku through hands-on projects.

By the time you finish this course, you have knowledge and experience in languages and tools which help you in designing and deploy applications on the internet. During the course, you will learn languages such as HTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript, etc. The duration of this course is 12 weeks, and you have to devote 6-9 hours per week in this course. The level of this course is intermediate.

Several other free courses are available on the Harvard University online portal, which is related to various fields such as health and medicine, Business, Art and design, etc.

5- Get certified in the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing – Google

Every Famous University has launched three free courses so how google can be behind

Google also launched its free certificate course in Digital Marketing. This course was launched in collaboration with Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and the open university.

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of digital marketing means the basics of digital marketing like How to do SEO, benefits of SEM, Email Marketing, etc. The level of this course is of a beginner. A total of 26 modules is there, which are created by Google Trainers. Duration, of course, is 40 Hours. The level of this course is the beginner level.

6 – Stock Market Investing for Beginners – Udemy

If you are new to the stock market and don’t know where to invest in the stock market, so here is the free course by udemy for you. In this course, you will learn about the stock market. Learn about the complexities of the stock market. You have built the confidence to begin investing.

In this course, you will learn from scratch, learn different investment strategies, know how to do fundamental and technical analysis of a company. John Ducas prepares this course. No prerequisite is required for learning this course. The duration of this course is 1 hour, 29 minutes.

There are some other online platforms that offer free online courses Pluralsight is among them which offer free 7000 + online courses in the month of April. Also, it offers a free course every week. For accessing free courses, you have to sign up on Pluralsight. You can check free courses on Pluralsight by clicking on below link

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