FMCG Companies Using Shrinkflation To Maintain There Sales

FMCG Companies using Shrinkflation so that Sales Doesn’t Get Hampered

Fast Mover Consumer Goods (FMCG) Companies in India is adopting certain Measures to fight from this inflation so that there sales must not get hampered . One Such Practice is Known as Shrinkflation . This Practice is Being used for Many Years . In this Weight of Packed Item Gets Reduced But Price Remains Same.

Due to Inflation Consumers Have Cut Down There Expenses

Due to Sky Rocketing Inflation and Rise in Price of Commodities People Are Now Attracted Towards Low Unit Price (LUP). Many FMCG Companies Have Cut Down the Weight of There LUP as they Are Majorly Consumed by Rural India. Whereas For Urban India , FMCG Companies Have Increased the Price of there Packet. In Near Future Also Interest rate Might Get Become More Higher So Companies Are Not seeing any Relief in Short Term. Reduce in Packet Weight is the Only Option.

Consumers is Also Looking for Low Unit Price

Due to this Inflation Consumer is Rushing Towards Low Value Pack to Save there Money. This is Happening with all FMCG Companies. Also Many FMCG Companies Have Launched Bridge Packs. Price of These Bridge Packs Is In Between Low Value Pack and High Value Pack. These Packs are Launched so that Customers Don’t Feel Heavy On There Pocket While Purchasing These Packs.

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