Does Farmer’s Hoisted Khalistani Flag on Red Fort – Let’s Find Out

Many Social Media Posts are Claiming that During the Farmer’s Protest in Red Fort Farmer’s Removed Indian Flag and Hoisted Khalistani Flag . In our Fast Check Both These posts found Fake and it is requested that not to believe these posts as these are just to spread hatred towards a community . Let’s Clarify these Posts .

1- Protesters Removes Indian Tricolour Flag .

This is not true . Protesters doesn’t Remove Indian National Flag . On The Red Fort You can go and see Indian National Flag is  Hoisted . Protesters Hoisted there flag on an Empty Pole standing nearby to Indian National Flag .

2- Protesters Hoisted Khalistani Flag .

Nishan Sahib

This is also Fake . Protesters Hoisted “Nishan Sahib” Flag . Nishan Sahib is the religious Flag of Sikh Community . Sikh Use this Flag on There Religious Flag . Nishan Sahib is Yellow in Colour and it has symbol of Sikh Community on it . and Khalistani Flag is Dark Orange in Colour . Pictures which are Viral on Social Media are of Yellow Colour Flag which is Nishan Sahib Flag . So Protesters doesn’t Host Khalistani Flag .

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