Easy step for cleaning coffee maker with vinegar?

cleaning coffee maker with vinegar

Have you ever thought while sitting on a chair having a cup of coffee in your hand? Drinking that cup of coffee sometimes tastes bad. This is because your coffee maker is not tidy. You clean everything in your kitchen, but you never clean that coffee maker which you use now and then. After reading this, you will be surprised that it is just simple to clean a coffee maker. Here is the step by step guide for cleaning mostly used coffee maker.

1- Drip Coffee Machine

It is a traditional coffee maker. To clean drip coffee machine maker is easy. You need vinegar and water to clean. Fill the water chamber with water and vinegar in equal proportion means half water chamber is filled with water and a half with vinegar. After that brew half pot. Turn it off and let it be cool for one hour so that vinegar mixture can be soaked after that brew the rest of vinegar/water mixture. After that fill chamber with fresh water and brew again. Clean with sponge or dish soap. Now you can enjoy your fresh coffee from a drip coffee machine.

2- Cleaning Pour Over

Biggest Challenge in cleaning a pour-over coffee maker is that you can’t clean it with your hand. With this method, you can easily clean a pour-over coffee maker. Just fill warm water in it and drop two tablets of effervescent in it. Leave it for a few minutes to settle after settling rinse the coffee maker with cold water and dry it. Pour Over Coffee maker must be cleaned twice a month.

3 – Cold Brewer

Fill it with ice add one tablespoon and 1/4 tablespoon salt rock. Shake it well and then rinse it well. Instead of rock salt, 1/2 cup of uncooked rice can be used. After rinsing dry cold brewer coffee maker

4- Single Pod Brewer

Remove pod. Fill a water chamber with vinegar. Brew until the chamber is empty. Fill the chamber with fresh water and brew again until it is empty. Rinse it and dry.

5- French Press

Fill half french press coffee maker with water and add one teaspoon dish soap. Plunge mixture up and down. Do this for a few minutes after that rinse it and dry.

The above process is about cleaning coffee maker. What about the removable parts of coffee maker?

The removable part should be cleaned with dish soap every time after you make a coffee. Vinegar is essential in cleaning coffee maker.

So every time you make a coffee in coffee maker don’t forget to clean the coffee maker.

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