Chia seeds in Hindi And the Benefits of chia seeds.

chia seeds in Hindi

What is the meaning of chia seeds in Hindi

Chia seed is the edible seed of Salvia Hispanica, Which is a flowering plant in min family.

It is grown in the Southwestern side of The U.S.A. and Mexico. This seed in water-loving means hydrophilic in nature.

This seed is oval and has black and white spots and a radius of about 0.02 inches, which is 1/2 mm. Chia seed is very small in weight have 0.020 gram or 1.3 mg

chia seeds nutrition Nutritional Value

Per 100 Gram Value of chia seeds is as follows.

Energy486 kcal
Carbohydrates42.1 g
Vitamin A54 μg
Vitamin C1.6 mg
Vitamin E0.5 mg
Calcuim631 mg
Iron7.7 mg
Magnesium335 mg
Manganese2.72 mg
Phosphorus860 mg
Potassium407 mg
Zinc4.6 mg
Water5.8 Gram

Chia seeds can be taken with any food. It can be sprinkled on top of food. It can be mixed with bread. With cereals and with milk. Chia seed was also approved as a novel food by the European Union in 2009. European Union allowed up to 5 % of total constituents can be chia seeds in the bread.

chia seeds in hindi meaning

Chia seeds don’t have any name in Hindi. Chia seeds in Hindi are the same known as chia seeds.

Chia seeds are so beneficial for the human body. Adding chia seeds in your diet is the right decision. But one thing should be remembered that we have to take the proper quantity of chia seeds not more or less.

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Following are some of the benefits of having chia seeds in your diet.

Helps In Reducing Weight

Fiber is present in a very high quantity in chia seed. Fiber is needed in your diet if you want to reduce your weight. The thread takes time indigestion, which makes us feel that our tummy is full. Feeling your belly is complete, you won’t feel hungry, and you don’t eat at regular intervals, which helps in reducing weight.

Many studies also prove the consumption of chia seeds in breakfast doesn’t make us feel hungry for a longer time, and we don’t eat at regular intervals, which prevents the accumulation of unused fat in our body. Weight increases with the accumulation of remaining fat in our collection. So chia seeds help in reducing weight. Chia seeds can be consumed in breakfast with wheat or with juice

Helps in Controlling Blood Pressure

Chia seeds are rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Omega-3 Helps in maintaining the normal level of blood pressure. Having blood pressure regular helps in curing many diseases, primarily heart-related problems. People who have B.P. problem chia seeds are beneficial for them. Taking Omega-3 Fatty Acid in decent quality helps in the prevention of fluctuation of Blood Pressure.

Make Teeth Stronger

Chia Seeds is rich in Calcium and Calcium is essential for our teeth .if we regularly take chia seeds than our teeth become more muscular.

Give Relief in Constipation

Fibre found in the right quantity in chia seeds, and fiber helps in clearing the stomach. If we mix chia seeds with water and consume it, it helps in giving relief in constipation. Research Also proved that persons who consume chia seeds regularly have no problem with constipation, and their stomach is also in good condition.

Helps In Curing Diabetes

As we all know, if a person gets diabetic, then it is very difficult for that person to get rid of it. For those people, the consumption of chia seeds is beneficial. It helps in maintaining the proper level of blood pressure . Chia Seeds Have Omega-3 Fatty Acids which is suitable for diabetic persons

Beneficial In The Treatment of Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds Has Alpha-Liniolic Acid Present in it Which Helps In the prevention of Breast Cancer. It has Alpha-Lipoic Acid In it, Which Is The Other Form Of Omega- Fatty Acid. It is so powerful that Without Damaging Body, It finishes Cancer Cells. Chia Seeds have the Qualities to cure of cancer-like diseases.

Provide Energy To Body And Makes Body Energetic For Whole Day

Best time to eat chia seeds As we all Known, If we take Heavy Breakfast in Morning, it will provide energy to our body for the whole day. In breakfast, all nutritional ingredients must be there, and chia seeds have all the nutrition required to make the body active for the entire day. Chia Seeds have Vitamin B, Zinc, Iron and magnesium like nutritional constituents which provides energy to the body

Make Skin Healthy

AntiOxidants helps in making our skin healthy and protect our skin from skin diseases. Chia Seeds Is Rich In AntiOxidants Which Repairs The Damaged Tissues and also protects the skin from getting rough and also it makes our skin hydrated. Also Proved in Research that Intake Of Chia seeds in diet protects the skin from harmful skin rays and from

As we all know everything in this universe has its right side and wrong side Above we have discussed good teams now its time to tell some wrong sides of chia seeds

Can Lower Blood Pressure

Omega -3 Fatty Acids are found in chia seeds, which helps in maintaining blood pressure, but excessive intake is also harmful as it can lower blood pressure. It is important for those people who have low blood pressure.

Can Cause Allergy

It is a very rare chance that the consumption of chia seeds can cause allergies. Still, it is advised to take chia seeds after consulting from the doctor because it is not known that previously you are allergic to something, and it is present in it.

Never Take Chia seed with Medicines.

It is advised that never take chia seeds with medicine and also found that the intake of chia seeds with medicine can have adverse effects on the body like Low Blood Pressure etc.

In the let’s summarise all about Chia Seeds.

Chia seeds need to be included in our diet if we want to Make our diet healthy. It helps in reducing weight as it is rich in fiber and also has omega-3 Fatty Acids due to which our body is protected from many diseases like High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Heart Problems, etc.

If we intake chia seeds more than prescribed limit, then it can have adverse effects on our body like,

  • Lowering Blood Pressure
  • Cause allergy

Can Cause Breathing Problem As its seeds are small in size and we take in an excess amount at a time, and it can be stuck in our throat.

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