Can Bank Issue Credit Card Without Customer Permission – Know here Everything

Bank Issue Credit Card Without Customer Permission

Nowadays many cases are coming in existence that Bank issue credit card without customer permission . Does this really happens . let’s find that can bank issue credit card without customer permission .

Answer of this question is in big NO . No Bank can issue credit card Without Customer Permission .

Let’s understand it with an example – Suppose you have an bank account in HDFC Bank and you are maintaining your bank account . After Few Months you receives a call from bank executive that – “Sir , There is a credit card offer in your account . Do You want to apply for it ” . After this you ask what are the benefits of Credit Card . Bank Executive tells you that with Credit Card you can do online shopping , Bill Payment .  You will pay bill after 45 days .  When you hear this thing you say yes and they ask for an OTP . you give them OTP . After giving OTP executive do all the system work from it’s end . After all this Process Credit Card Delivers to your Registered Residential Address .

In The Above Process Does Bank Issue Credit Card to you without Your Permission . It is Only You Give OTP to Executive .

Why we Get into This Trap ?

Want Everything in Credit i.e. Uddhar

We Indians are getting into this trap because we want luxurious thing at any cost and when we hear the word credit we feels good .  Indians are fond of Credit i.e. Uddhar . We want evevrything on Credit . We Do Showoffs in Front of People .

Lack of Digital Literacy .

After the Launch of JIO in 2016 . Every one is having Smartphone in it’s hand and we are not that much literate till now . There are many scams happens everyday .  Scammer call you and tells you that your account is going to block or he says i want to pay you your dues . After listening the word dues which means you will receive money you get into this trap and your whole account balance becomes zero .

How to return Credit Card to Bank ?

This is the very Simple Step . Contact your bank branch . Tell them that you want to return this credit card . He will give you a form or by Mobile Banking App of that bank you can do . Remember to clear all your dues before closing the Credit Card . If you don’t clear your dues then it will badly effect your CIBIL Score . Banks give loan on the basis of CIBIL Score only .

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