Broadcasters Demand Atleast One Match Between India and Pakistan in Every ICC Tournament.

Every ICC Tournament Match Between India and Pakistan is known as the Final before the Final. In This T-20 World Cup also Indian will Play Against Pakistan on 24th October 2021. ICC itself wants that in Every ICC Tournament India and Pakistan should Play Against Each Other for Atleast Once. Indian Pakistan Match is the Money Minting Match for ICC. Fans are always excited for this match.

Broadcasters Demands for India-Pakistan Match in ICC Tournaments

ICC Always sells its Broadcast Rights at a very High Price. Star Sports Bought the ICC Broadcasting rights at Rs 14,800 Crore Rupees. These Rights are from 2015 to 2023. Broadcasters Pays this Much High Amount because they know that they will Recover this amount and will generate huge Profit fron atleast one Match Between India and POkaistan in every ICC Tournament. This is Beacause Broadcasters sells advertisemnet slots at a very higher Rate of India and Pakistan Match as Comapre to Other Team Match.

Viewership of India- Pakistan Match is highest in all ICC Tournaments

Many Times Viewership of India-Pakistan in Any ICC Tournamnat is more than the final of that ICC Tournamnent. According to ICC, In 2019 One Day World Cup 27.3 Crore People Views India- Pakistan Match Worldwide on there TV Sets. In This 23.3 Crore Views Comes only from India. Around 5 Crore People Watches This Match on Online Medium.

Star Sports Earn 100 Crore From Braodcasting of India-Pakistan 2019 World Cup Match

Star Sports which is the Official Broadcaster of ICC 2019 World Cup Earns 100 Crore from India- Pakistan Match. In That match Star Sports Sells 10 Seconds Advertisements Slots at Rs 25 Lakh Rupees. For Other India Matches This Price is 16-18 Lakh Per 10 Second Advertisement.

In Last 29 Years India- Pakistan Faces Each Other 17 Times.

ICC has Three major Events. These are One Day World Cup, T-20 World Cup and Champions Trophy. In Last 29 Years in all these Tournament India-Pakistan Played 17 Times Against Each Other. Both Team First Played Against Each Other in 1992 One Day World Cup. In 2019 World Cup Both Teams Played Against Each Other in any ICC Tournament Last Time.

From 2012 Both Teams are Playing Againts Each Other in Every ICC Tournament

Before 2012 ICC doesn’t want thar India and Pakistan Plays Againts Each Other in Any ICC Tournament in Group Stage. But In 2012 T-20 World Cup ICC Did the Experiment and Put atleast One Match Between India and Pakistan in Every ICC Tournament and THis Experiment Of ICC Suceed. After 2012 T-20 World Cup There is Atleast One Match Between India and Pakistan in Initial Stage of Tournament. This also Starts Minting Money For ICC.

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