Bharat Bandh on 26 Feburary 2021: Nationwide Traders will do Bharat Bandh against GST, Fuel Price Hike, Ban E-commerce Company Amazon

On 26th February 2021, Nationwide Bharat Bandh will be there. This Bharat Bandh is announced by the Confederation of All India Traders(CAIT). Confederation of All India Traders called for this Bharat Bandh Because they Want Central Government to do the analysis of GST Rules. On 26th February, there will be no Business activities .  All the association of traders is in support of this Bharat Bandh. Most of the Traders Association of Delhi is also in the support of this Bandh. CAIT has said that This Bandh is called due to the new reforms in GST and to ban E-commerce Company Amazon.

B.C. Bhartiya( National President of CAIT) and Parveen Khandelwal(National Minister) tells that to raise there voice there will be Protest in 1500 places across india including delhi. On 26th Feburary 2021 no trader should login to GST portal. Both told that Major trader association of delhi has decided to be with us in this Bharat Bandh. Many More association will be joining us and they will be announcing it in the evening.

Parveen told that This protest of Traders will be peaceful. Wholesale and Retail Markets will be totally closed. Shops of Essential Needs such as Medical Stores, Grocery Shops will open. Khandelwal tells that Closing the Shops is not the work of Traders but it is our helplessness because GST  is now  made Complicated rather than making it simple.

National Minister of CAIT tells that GST is now diverted from it’s path. Rules of GST are so much complicated that to follow these rules are difficult for traders.

All India Transporters Welfare Association (AITWA) also supports this Bharat Bandh. AITWA will not ply there any transport on Road. Praveen tells that “On 26th Feburary 2021 all the markets of Country will be closed and in the different cities of all the states protest will be there against GST rules”. 40,000 Traders Union are supporting this Bharat Bandh.

GST should be made easy so that an ordinary tarder can follow the rules of GST. More than 950 reforms have been made in GST in last 4 years Khandelwal added. Issues related to technical flaws on GST portal and increasing compliance burden are major drawbacks of the system.

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