Best Quality Shares which you should not sell

Many New Investors Have opened there Demat Account  . Either before the pandemic when the market is too high or after pandemic when market increases . These new investors have quality and fundamentally strong in there portfolio . But due to lack of knowledge and patience, Little bit correction in market forces them to sell those shares at lower prices . After this they curse share market . Here we will tell Best Quality Shares which you should not sell . You should try to accumulate those Best Quality shares whenever you find them at discounted price .

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1- Ultra Tech Cement

Ultra Tech Cement is the number one Cement company of  India . This stock is also in Nifty 50 which means this is the value stock . During Corona Pandemic everything was locked so Constructions work is totally shut . Now Construction work is Slowly slowly gearing up . Since Ultra Tech has it’s brand value People prefer this cement in Construction Work . So it is sure that this stock will give Multi Bagger return . This stock is currently testing patience of it’s investors . From Last one year this stock is trading between 3,900-4,500 . Around 89% Analyst suggested investors to buy this stock . It is currently below it’s Sector PE . Sector PE is 22.21 and PE of Ultra Tech Cement is 19.85 . Current Market Price is Rs 4,100.00

2- ITC

ITC is also the nifty fifty company . It is also in TOP 10 Companies of India according to M-cap . This FMCG Sector stock is currently under selling  pressure  . Reason For Selling pressure in this stock is ESG . ESG stands for Environmental , Social , Governance  . Many FII’s and DII’s think that main revenue of ITC is coming via Cigarette Business and Cigarette is harmful  and is the main cause of cancer and cancer causes death . Due to This reason Big Players is not investing in this stock . ITC  is  continuously meeting fund houses

to make them belief  them that now ITC is diversifying it’s business to Non-Cigarette business . We will see a rally in ITC in near future . ITC is a Under Value Stock . So you should hold this an accumulate it whenever you see a dip in it . Current Market Price is Rs 170.90 .


HDFC AMC is the best asset management company of India . It manages total asset of more than 3.1 Lakh Crore Rupees . Currently AMC Business is down due to pandemic and people are worry that AMC business might get shut in future but Mutual fund business will never be shut in India . The main reason is Indian Government is also promoting Mutual Fund and also running it’s Campaign “Mutual Fund Sahin hain” . Currently this stock is under pressure but this will soon show recovery . Investors should start accumulated this stock whenever they found a correction in it . Current Market Price is Rs 2280.00


HDFC LIFE is the number one insurance company in INDIA . Before Corona Pandemic People purchase insurance only to take take Rebate in 80C but after Corona Pandemic People knows the importance of Insurance . Now People are taking Insurance as an Assets not Liability . Currently Many investors invested in this stock when this stock is trading at it’s all time high . As we all know insurance is an asset which helps your family when you are not there . Indians are slowly slowly buying insurance and due to it’s brand name of HDFC people have trust in this company . You should definitely hold this stock and should increase your holding whenever you see correction in it . Current Market Price is Rs 571.35

Above are those Best Quality Shares which you should not sell if you have them in your Portfolio . But if you want to book Profit you can book in them .

Disclaimer – These are authors own point of view . Always Consult your Financial Advisor for investing in any stock .





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