Best online learning apps in India [2021]

 Many students dream of cracking competitive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, UPSC, CDS, SSC-CGL  but the fees for the preparation of these exams is very expensive and cannot be afforded by the majority of students and their dream of cracking these exams broke.

But as we know time is not the same time changes and so happens in this field of coaching classes. Technology changes and now everything is just one click away. Now you don’t have to go to KOTA  or DELHI for the coaching of these competitive exams.

There are now so many world-class learning apps for the preparation of these exams. With the help of these apps, each one can now access world-class content and they cannot complain that they didn’t have resources for the preparation of these exams.

Best learning apps for students India

Here we will discuss the best online  Learning education Apps for the preparation of these exams.

1- Unacademy India’s largest learning platform

It is Inda’s best online education platform for the preparation of various Competitive exams which include UPSC, IIT-JEE, CAT, SSC, etc. It offers preparation in  32 Competitive exams .

Unacademy is founded by 4 co-founders namely – Gaurav Munjal, Roman Saini, Hemesh Singh, and Sachin Gupta.  Roman Saini co-founder of Unacademy has resigned from the dream job of most people i.e  IAS to start this startup.

The main aim of starting this platform is to provide quality education to those aspirants who are unable to take coaching of competitive exams due to the financial crisis. From starting  Unacademy is offering it’s learning free of cost on youtube and on its platform and that from the best educator of India.

This uniqueness of Unacademy made it India’s best online learning app. Now Unacademy’s next aim is to become the world’s best online learning platform. Unacademy is now offering education to 11 and 12 class students. If any student wants a paid subscription they can take  Unacademy plus

2- BYJU’S The Learning App

It is Best online education company which provides online education mainly to school going students of class 1 to class 12. It also provide coaching for various competitive exams such as UPSC , CAT , IIT-JEE , NEET etc.

Also, it gives coaching for international exams such as GRE, GMAT. It is founded by Byju Raveendran in 2011. Before launching it’s app “BYJUS – THE Learning Apps” it provides free education via youtube.

Before launching its channel Raveendran provides free coaching to students who are preparing for the CAT Entrance exam. From there the idea of launching a youtube channel came into existence.

Byjus is the most valuable edutech company. Due to the corona pandemic popularity of byju’s reached to a great extent as many students are now studying from home.

Average subscription package of byju’s cost around Rs 12000 per year which is a decent amount. After taking a subscription they will provide their own tablet. The Tablet brand is Samsung.  Tablet is locked and only study material can be accessed from it.  Byju’s is also the sponsor of Indian Cricket Team.

3- Vedantu Free Live Classes

  Vedantu is an online tutoring platform. It provides real-time study to students from class 6 to class 12 . Vedantu is founded in 2011 by 4 friends Vamsi Krishna, Pulkit Jain, Saurabh Saxena and Anand Prakash.

According to it’s co-founder Name Vedantu is derived from two sanskrit Veda means Knowledge and Tantu Means Network which means network of knowledge . Vedantu is like providing online tutions to students .

It have two different subscription pack. One is if you want to study in a group it cost in range Between Rs 29 -50 per lecture and other is one to one means you will study with a private teacher it will cost about Rs 300-1000 per lecture.

Vedantu offers many free study videos from the best teachers of India who are having vast experience in teaching. 

There are many other apps like Gradeup, SSC ADDA247, TOPRANKERS which offer preparation in competitive exams like SSC, Banking, UPSC IIT-JEE, NEET. All these apps also provide free online classes, Mock Test, live analysis of MOCK TEST. 

IF you want to consider the best APP for the preparation of competitive exams then “UNACADEMY” is the best learning app among all other apps because it is improvising it day by day.  

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