7+ Best Online Mobile Stock Trading App India (2020)

Best Online Trading App in India for 2020.

You listen to news now and then that today Sensex has gained 500 points the next day dropped by 200 points. Many thoughts come to your mind what is all this. All this is basically trading of companies share i.e stocks. Now the next question arises on how to do trading. For trading, you have to first open a Demat Account. Most of these Demat Accounts and trading accounts can now be open Via trading apps. With the ease in technology, many companies are now there in the trading field. Here are some best online trading APP.

1- Zerodha trading mobile app

It is founded by Nitin Kamath in 2010. It is the first online trading app which is free for delivery of stocks means if you purchase the stock today and don’t sell it today, then the stock will be delivered in your Demat account free of cost means no brokerage will be paid by you for holding these stocks in your Demat account.

If you are doing intraday, then you will have to pay 0.03%of brokerage or Rs.20 whichever is lower. As Zerodha is the first discount trading app it has the benefit of having more subscribers than any other discount trading app.

Zerodha runs it’s learning platform VARSITY, which helps in learning the basics of the stock market. It is very beneficial for new learners. Zerodha trading mobile app is lightweight. The size of its app is 33% when compared with other online stock trading app size. App also has some drawbacks, while the trading chart of stocks lags on a continuous basis.

2- upstox pro stock trading app

This is rated number 2 after Zerodha because Zerodha was launched two years back, and as we know that the first mover is the fast mover. Indian Business Tycoon Ratan Tata heavily invested in it.

As we know, Mr. Tata is a pronounced business. He takes investment decisions after very long thinking. He might have seen potential in this. In this App, Delivery is free, and for intraday Brokerage is 0.05% or Rs 20, whichever is lower.

These charges are for per order. You also get 28X margins for intraday trading means if you have Rs 1000 in your Demat account, you can do intraday trading up to Rs28,000. Currently, you can open upstox account fro the link below, and it is free of cost. You need your PAN card Number, AADHAR Card Number, Cancelled cheque/Passbook front page having your bank account number and IFSC code on it.

3- 5 paisa mobile trading app

It is founded in 2016. It is only a discount broking company which is listed in the share market. The market cap of the company is 500 crore +; also, it has received “Best Broking Fintech Product” at ABP news – BFSI Awards in 2019. Intraday charges are Rs 20 per order, and it also charges Rs 20 on delivery.

The main drawback of 5 PAISA is that it requires high internet connectivity while loading charts. also, 15 min candle for stock studying is missing. 5 Paisa is promoted by IIFL. 5 Paisa also offers financial services other than equity trading like Investments in mutual funds, buying Insurance products, Investment in gold digitally and personal loans, etc.

4- angel broking mobile trading app

Angel Broking is the oldest stock brokerage firm in India, founded in 1987. Intraday charges are Rs 20 per order, and delivery is free. Not so, the user-friendly interface is the main disadvantage of Angel Broking. Angel Broking also offers financial services such as insurance, mutual funds besides stock trading.

5- fyers mobile trading app

Launched in MAY 2016. Starting late operation become dangerous for FYERS MARKET because the time when they started operation market share of Zerodha and upstox is beyond its reach and many other old stock brokerage apps have updated there apps and made them user friendly.

Despite these consequences, FYERS MARKET improved user interface and made a premier mobile trading APP. Brokerage charges are almost the same as all other stock brokerages have i.e., Equity Intraday Rs 20/0.01% per order whichever is lower and delivery is free.

6- kotak stock trader mobile app

Kotak Stock Trader launched by Kotak securities. GUI of Kotak stock trader is user friendly you can directly add balance to your Demat account linked with your bank account, Rs 999 Yearly plan of this app lets the user do intraday free.

This makes this app a perfect trading app because many Indian wants to become rich through the stock market and they do intraday and if they lose money in intraday no brokerage charges levied on them but if you are taking this app for long term investment than also you can consider of this app because in long term delivery charges won’t bother you. Delivery charges 0.49% of trade value. You can track your portfolio in this app. Also, you get various calls for positional and for intraday in this app.

7- Online Trading App for shares, Forex: MO Trader /Mutual Fund & Share Market App: MO Investor

To do something unique, the Motilal Oswal group launches two apps, one for trading and for investment. The idea behind launching different apps to protect investor money because no other brokerage firm till now launches two different apps for trading and investment.

If a person does investment and trading both, then he can’t make money, but if he has two different apps, he can segregate it’s money and can make wealth in the long term because he already knew that if he loses in trading his hard-earned money is safe in investment app.

GUI of this app is also unique; you can view your investment sector-wise means in which sector you have invested. Despite the advantages, this app also has drawbacks. One is of connectivity issue means in a slower internet connection; this app doesn’t work well.

8- NSE,BSE,NIFTY, IPO News-Share Market,Stock Trade by Edelweiss

This app is very beneficial for new traders as it has option chain analysis, global news, sector-wise analysis, New IPO Offerings, and much more data is there in this app, which no other app offers. Brokerage. The company offers two plans in basic plan brokerage fees is Rs10 for any other, whether it is intraday or delivery, and in the other plan, delivery and intraday broking charges will be 0.300% of trade value. The main drawback of this app is that GTC and bracket order not available, and also minimum brokerage charges are very high.

So These are India’s mobile trading app.

In my opinion, you should use Zerodha or upstox as these are the first and second discount brokerage firms of India. And also I recommend beginners should not do trading as they come here for becoming rich and trading is like gambling you win for two days, and you become confident that you will win every day and your this confidence leaves you with no money, and you say that stock market is bad and it makes poor.

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