Amazon Customers Orders Cow Dung Cake , Ate it and reviewed it . Review is now getting Viral

Cow Dung Cake Review

On Social media a very interesting review  of Cow dung cake is getting viral . After reading this review it could be believed that reviewer orders the cow dung cake from amazon and ate that cow dung cake and reviewed it .

Purpose of Cow Dung Cake

Cow dung cake is used for religious purpose in Hindu Religion .

What is written in review 

In Review of Cow Dung Cake it is written that “It tasted very bad when i ate it . It was grass-like and muddy in taste I got loose motions after that . please be a little more hygienic while manufacturing . Also , pay attention to the taste and crunchiness of this product” .

This review is in the top customer review of Amazon . It is reviewed by an Indian on 5th November 2020 . It is unbelievable that there are these type of people in India who don’t know about this cow dung . If any person from other Country reviews about this than we can consider but any Indian Eating Cow Dung Cake and reviewing it .

It is written Amazon Customer . Real Identity of that person is not revealed . Might be that person just only in fun written that . God Knows the reality .


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