Airtel Beats Jio for First time in Four Years in Terms of Subscriber Addition

Airtel Vs Jio

Sunil Mittal Led Bharti Airtel Beats Jio for first time in four years in terms of subscriber addition . Airtel Adds 3.8 Million New Subscribers i.e  around 38 lakh Subscribers in month of September while Jio has added  14.61 Lakh new Subscribers .  Vodafone Idea looses Around 4.65 Lakh subscribers .

Bharti Airtel Shows the Growth rate of +1.17% as compared to Previous month of August . While Jio and Vodafone Idea shows growth rate of +0.36% and -1.55% Respectively .

VLR ( Virtual Location Register) shows Airtel has Highest Active Subscribers

According To VLR (Visitor Location Register) Data . Airtel has 96.90% VLR Subscribers in the month of September While it’s closer Rival Jio has 78.76% VLR Subscribers . Vodafone Idea stood at second Spot in terms of VLR Subscribers . 88.40% of people uses Vodafone Idea Network from it’s total Subscribers    .VLR Data is calculated on the basis of Highest Active Subscribers in VLR v/s the peak i.e. Maximum Subscribers in that month for which data is being Collected . For Example Maximum Peak Subscribers in particular month is 100 and active subscribers is 80 so VLR Subscribers percentage in that month is 80% .

Total MNP Requests Reaches to 520.80 Million from it’s Launch Date

In September 2020 ,  8.71 Million Subscribers requests for MNP i.e Mobile Number Portability . Till The End of September 2020 Total MNP Requests were 520.80 Million from the Implementation of MNP on 25 November 2010 . With the Help of MNP Any Subscribers in PAN India can change it’s Mobile Operator without Changing it’s Mobile Number .

Jio Gaining Share in Wired Connection

After The Launch of  Jio Fibre  . Reliance Jio is Continuously Gaining it’s share in Wirline  . In September 2020 , Jio added 3 lakhs new connection while Airtel added 66,335 new connection . Vodafone Idea added 22,042 New Subscribers While BSNL Looses 1.82,549 Subscribers .

All this is Happening Due to Jio Fibre Free Trial i.e You only need to pay Installation Charges which are refundable and For 30 Days from the date of Installation you need not to pay any Charge . You will Get Free Subscription to all Jio Services for 30 Days and after 28 days you can disconnect the connection and you will get Refund of your installation charges . Next Month you can apply for new Connection but with Different ID Proof . In this way Jio is Gaining Market Share Slowly Slowly in Wired Connection

Jio is Market Leader in Broadband ( Wired+ Wireless) . Has 55.85% Share

According to TRAI September 2020 Data , Reliance Jio is the Market Leader in Telecom Industry i.e it has 405.65 Million Subscribers in Broadband i.e Wired and Wireless which is 55.85% share . Airtel has 166.01 Million Subscribers in Wired and Wireless and has 22.86% market Share . While Vodafone has 16.50% Market Share .

How TRAI counts Subscriber’s Number

Every Sim has it’s Unique Identity . This Unique Identity is known as International Mobile Subscriber Identity i.e IMSI . TRAI counts Subscribers Number Through this IMSI .

Subscribers Number is Counted as Follows –

Total Number of IMSI Registers with IMSI – (Test/Service Cards + Employees +Stock In Hand/In Distribution Channel + Subscriber Retention Period Expired + Service Suspended Pending Disconnection)


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