Adani Group Share Increases 2-6 Times in Last 1 Year.

In the Last 1 Year, Shares of Adani Group Increases 2-6 Folds. In October 2020, the Market Capitalization of all the 6 Companies stood at Rs 2.65 Lakh Crore. Now in October 2021, the Market Value of THese 6 Companies of ADANI Group is 8.58 Lakh Crore. It Means in the last 1 Year Wealth of Adani has Becomes 3 fold.

Share of Adani Green Increases 5 Times in Last 1 Year

According to Stock Market Exchange, the Share Price of Adani Transmission Increases the Most. From Rs 257 It Becomes Rs 1,566. Whereas the Share Price of Adani Enterprise Increases from Rs 326 to Rs 1,455. 1 Year Ago, Adani’s Total Gas Share Price was Rs 363. Now The Current Price is Rs 1,424. Share Value of Adani Power Increases to Rs 97 From Rs 36 in Last 1 Year. Adani Ports Share Dobles in Last 1 Year. 1 Year Ago it was Trading at Rs 350. Now it is trading at Rs 734. Whereas Share Price of Adani Green Increases by Just 50% in Last 1 Year. 1 Year Back it was Trading at Rs 749. Now It is Trading at Rs 1,146.

Company Name1st October 2021 Price( In Rs)5th October 2020 Price (In Rs)
Adani Transmission1,566257
Adani Enterprise3261,455
Adani Total Gas3631,424
Adani Power3697
Adani Ports350734
Adani Green Energy1147749

Market Cap of Adani Green is Highest among All the 6 Companies of Adani Group

Due to the Increase in Share Price, the Market Cap of These Companies of Adani Group Also Increases. Among all the 6 Companies, the Market Cap of Adani Green energy is Highest. M-Cap of Adani Green Energy is Rs 1,81,000 Crore. Whereas the Market Cap of Adani Transmission is Rs Rs 1,73,000. Market Cap of Adani Total Gas is Rs 1,57,000 Crore.

Market Cap of Adani Enterprises is Third Largest among all 6 Companies

M-Cap of Main Company of Adani Group i.e. Adani Enterprises Stood at Rs 1,60,000 Crore. Adani Ports Market Capitalization Now Stood at Rs 1,50,000. Whereas the Market Cap of Adani Power is Least Among all the Group Companies of Adani. M-Cap of Adani Power is only Rs 37,370.

Company NameCurrent Market Cap ( In Crore Rupees)
Adani Green Energy1,81,000
Adani Transmission1,73,000
Adani Enterprise1,60,000
Adani Total Gas1,57,000
Adani Ports1,50,000
Adani Power37,370

Share of Promoters is Low in Adani Power among all the Group Companies

Share of Promoters is Very Low in Adani Green. It is 57.47%. In Adani Ports Holdings of Promoters is 63.79%. Holdings of Promoters is Highest in Adani Power. It is 74.97%. Whereas in Adani Transmission and Adani Enterprise Promoters Hold Equal Holdings i.e. 74.92%. In Adani Total Gas, Share Holding of Promoters is 74.80%

Company NameShare of Promoters (in %)
Adani Power74.97
Adani Transmission74.92
Adani Enterprise74.92
Adani Total Gas74.80
Adani Ports63.79
Adani Green57.47

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