5 Superstitious Rituals In Indian Wedding. No One Knows the Logic of these rituals

In India Wedding is the Most Important Part of life. We Celebrate weddings in a very Royal way. But There are Superstitious Rituals Related to weddings. Here we will tell you about 5 Such Superstitious Rituals. Nobody knows the Logic behind these Rituals.

1– During our childhood we are not allowed to eat food in Kadhai. If we eat food in Kadhai we are scolded and told that Rain will come during our marriage and it will spoil the Whole Wedding Function. We also know that Eating in Kadhai is not ethical. but the Connection between Kadhai and Rain is out of mind.

2– After the Start of the Marriage Ceremony, a piece of Iron is given to the bride and bridegroom. If Bride Goes anywhere then Matchbox or Knife is given to the bride. Until the wedding is over, the bride is specially asked to sleep with an iron object under the pillow. It is believed that the new bride and groom are in danger from evil spirits. These things protect them from the attack of evil spirits. Although to date no one has understood the logic of this matter.

3– After getting ready for the wedding, her sister-in-law applies kajal to the groom so that he does not have an evil eye. Similarly, some people also talk about protecting the bride from the evil eye by applying a black tika behind the ear.

4– If the marriage ceremony of a girl is going on, then widowed women and such women who do not have children are not allowed to come near her. It is believed that due to this, the bad shadow of the fate of those women can come on the bride. But this is completely superstition. Taking blessings is good for a person, it is never bad. Nor can anyone snatch someone’s luck from anyone.

5– If any work of worship is going on at the time of marriage and due to some reason the lamp is extinguished, then people start associating it with unhappiness. While this can also happen due to strong wind. The extinguishing of the lamp has nothing to do with the accident.

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