5 Myths About Electric Cars which prevents them from Buying

There are many Myths about Electric Cars among Indians. These Myths are Preventing People to buy Electric Cars. However, Government itself promoting Electric Cars. Here we will tell you 5 Myths about Electric Cars which stops people from Buying Electric Car. 

In India, People think that Electric Car gives less speed than Petrol, Diesel or CNG Cars. Electric Car Takes Time in Charging. Shortage of Charging Point also prevents Indian People to Buy Electric Cars. Electric Cars are expensive than Normal Cars. Batteries of Electric Cars are Very Expensive. Here we will Explain Each Myth and tell you the truth of all the Myths. 

Myths about Electric Car and Truth about that Myth.

1- Electric Cars Requires Frequent Charging

This is a Common myth among Indians that Electric Cars Requires Frequent Charging and Electric Cars are not Suitable for Travelling Long Distances. Now Most of the  Electric Cars Travels around 400 KM in a single charge. This distance is equal to the Distance when you Run a petrol Card after Filing the Complete Tank of Your Car. Car Maker Hyundai Claims that It’s Electric Car Kona can travel 452 KM in a single charge. MG also told that its ZS EV can travel 340 KM in a single charge. TATA Motors also Claims that Its Electric Car TATA Nexon can run up to 312 KM in a single charge. 

2- Electric Car Takes Time While Charging

This is the Second Common Myth among Indians that Electric Car takes Ample Time While Charging. The reality is that you can Charge Electric Car with the 240V switch available at your home. As the Sales of Electric Cars are Increasing Companies are Opening Charging stations across India to Charge Electric Cars. In these Charging Stations, you can Charge your Electric Car in Just 30 Minutes. In these 30 minutes, you can refresh yourself as you are traveling Long Distance. Also, Companies are trying to bring this 30 Minutes down. Many Charging Stations provide you the facility of Battery Swapping. In battery Swapping, you replace the Empty Battery with a fully Charged Battery.

 3- Batteries of Electric Car is expensive 

This Myth is also Common among Indians. We Believe that Batteries of Electric Cars are expensive and we need to Change These Batteries at Frequent Intervals But this is not Truth. The Truth is that Car Companies are giving 7-8 Years Warranty on Electric Car Batteries. You can save Fuel due to this. 

4- Electric Car are Expensive

After Tesla Announces that It is Launching its Car in India and the Price of it’s Electric will be around 50-60 Lakhs. Many People thought that Electrics are expensive, But this a Myth.  This Myth is also common among People. Truth is that the Initial Purchasing Cost of an Electric Vehicle is More but if we look at the long term it is very cheaper then Petrol and Diesel and equal to a CNG car. The government is also Giving Subsidy on Electric Vehicle. Delhi Government is Giving upto 1.5 Lakh Rupees subsidy on Electric Car.

5- Speed of Electric Car is lesser than Petrol, Diesel Cars

This Myth Builds in our Mind due to the fact that the Maximum Speed in Electrics Scooters are 30-40Km/h so we made an assumption in our mind that Electric Car will be having lower Speed. But the reality is that there are many Electric Cars that can attain a maximum speed of 160 kmph. Hyundai Motors Claims that it’s Electric Car Kona can attain a maximum speed of 167 kmph. MG also tells that it’s Electric Car ZS EV has the Maximum Speed of 140 kmph. TATA Motors Electric Car TATA Nexon can attain a maximum speed of 120 kmph. 

Above are the Myths of Electric Car and we have cleared all your myths regarding Electric Vehicle. Buying an Electric Vehicle is a necessity of ours. Delhi Governmnt tells that in next 6 Months it will replace all it’s Car with Electric Cars. 

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