Health Insurance: 5 Most Common Mistakes People do while Buying Health Insurance Policy

Now a Days after Covid-19 Pandemic, People are knowing the Value of Health Insurance. But there are so Many Health Insurance Policies offered by Health Insurance companies that people get confused in Purchasing the Right Policy for themselves and their families. They end up Buying the Wrong Health Insurance and regret it later. Here we will tell you the 5 Most Common Mistakes done by People while Buying Health Insurance.


You can choose health policies according to your requirements. What disease do you want to cover in your Health Policy? If you want only Cancer Plan you can choose that also. So Make a list of all your Requirements which your Insurance policy must cover. It will be helpful for you at the Time of Claim


Most People don’t know that How much Cover is sufficient for them. They either end up in Buying Less Cover or More Cover. Amount Covered in Your Health Policy is decided by your Premium. Most People don’t examine how much coverage they Require. At the Time of Claim, they Regret That why they buy so much less coverage. So Examine your Coverage before buying a health Policy.

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Hiding Right Informations

Mostly People Hide their Medical History and Current Medical Condition while buying Health Insurance. If you hide your Medical History and if any Medical Emegenncey happens to you because of that Medical History. Then you will not Get any Claim for that. In Many Policies, there is a waiting period of 2-3 Years for Existing Diseases.

Exclusions in Health Policies

Every Health Policy has some exclusions. This means that These Diseases or health Issues are not covered in this Health Policy. Many people do this type of Mistake. They don’t Read the diseases or Health Issues that were not covered in the policy. Later they Blame that this Health Policy or Health Insurance company is bad. So always read all the exclusions of Health Policy.

Not Comparing Helath Insurance Policy

There are many Health Insurance Companies that offer Numerous Health Insurance Policies. These Companies have Agents to sell their policies. These Agents on behalf of personal Realtiosnhips sell these policies. When People face any Medical Emergency then they use this Health insurance pOLICY then they get to know that this policy is not beneficial to them. So, It is Advised to always compare the Health Insurance Policy. Never Trust any Agent blindly.


Avoid these 5 Mistakes and we are 99.9% sure that you will Buy Good Health Insurance for yourself and your family.

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