4 Ways by which you can test that he likes you

4 Ways by which you can test that he likes you

Sometimes a boy can give you many hints and signals to tell you that he likes you and has feelings for you. But unless he tells you clearly, it can be a little confusing to get the hints and decide how he feels for you. However, it is not an easy task for a boy to confess his feelings.

Boys are very secretive and they feel ashamed to openly say how they feel about you.   So here are 4 easy ways by which you can test that he likes you.

1- Make him Jealous

Go Outside with other Male Friends. Appreciate Your other Male Friend in front of him. If he becomes jealous of this. Then this is a clear indication that he likes you. This Jealously will force him to accept feelings for you. If you appreciate Other Male friends in front of him then he will become insecure that you may not be available for him always. This also mak him accept love for you.

2- Notice His Body Language

There are many body language signs such as his eyesight, his way of talking to you and other things that can help you to know how he feels for you. If you notice such things, then try to keep your body language as open as possible so that they know that you too are interested in taking things forward.

3- Ask Him Directly about his feelings for You.

You can  just ask them about their feelings for you. Stay straight and come to the point and make them feel that they can be honest with you and express their feelings for you without any judgment or criticism.

4- Make him Trust on You.

Sometimes, a boy cannot have  the courage to confess his feelings because he is afraid of rejection or the fact that it can ruin the friendship of both of you. So let them trust you and make them feel comfortable around you, which is enough to force them to be vocal about their feelings.

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