3 Unique Features of Telegram Tips, and Tricks To Know In 2021

3 Unique Features of Telegram which Makes Telegram Different From WhatsApp

After The Introduction of the New Privacy Policy of WhatsApp, Many people are looking for alternatives to Whatsapp. Telegram is the Most popular Option of Whatsapp These Days. Day by day the number of users of the telegram is increasing. Here we will tell you the 3 Unique Features of Whatsapp which make it different from Whatsapp. You won’t find these features on Whatsapp.

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1- File Sharing Capacity up to 1.5 GB

In Telegram, you can share any File, Video, Software, etc up to 1.5GB. This Type of Feature is not available on Whatsapp. On  Whatsapp, you can share files up to 100 MB. This Feature is beneficial for Professional Peoples. This File Sharing Feature of Telegram makes it different from Whatsapp.

2- Unlimited Storage on Cloud

Telegram Provides Unlimited Cloud Storage features to it’s users. With the help of this feature, users can save Unlimited Data on Cloud. Users can access this data anytime and anywhere You just need to log in to your Telegram Account. In Whatsapp, you can save only 15 GB of Data on Cloud. This feature of Unlimited Storage of Cloud Differentiates Telegram from Whatsapp.

3- Make Your Chat Secret

In Telegram, you get the feature of Making your Chat Secret. The unique feature of secret chat is that you cannot forward this chat to anyone. If anyone from the two takes the screenshot of the chat then the person gets the notification of the screenshot. You can also set the timing that after this time chats get deleted automatically. Whatsapp also introduces the features of Disappearing Messages in its chat to compete with a telegram. In this option, Message gets deleted after 7 days automatically.

The above 3 features of telegram make telegram different from Whatsapp.

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